Chapter 4: Lily

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574th sol- 12:07

I watched as Seth and Tom started heading towards the labs.

"What are you going to do?" Asked Rachel.

"I think I'm gonna go practice my communication skills, after all, we DO have a test tomorrow." I responded.

"When?!" She practically screamed.

"I just told you, tomorrow." I said sarcastically.

"In that case, whil ou hlp m sdy...." She mumbled.

"What was that?" I asked with a giant grin.

"Whil ou hlp m sdy...." She tried mumbling again.

"Try again," I pressed, "in my good ear." I said, cupping my have around my ear.

"Fine!! Will you help me study!!" She exclaimed.

"Oh. My. God... YOU never ask for help!!! Say that again so I can record it !" I said, chastising her.

"Will you help me or not?" She asked sounding defeated.

"Hand on, let me enjoy this a little longer." I waited a few more seconds the said, "Alright, I'll meet you in the communication room in ten minutes, I'm gonna go grab my headphones." I said, getting up to leave.

I got up and headed towards my room. The hall was pretty peaceful. I assume everyone was in the common room or mess hall. I walked in, grabbed my headphones and went to meet Rachel.

When I got to the communications room, Rachel was already at a computer and had her armband plugged in.

I sat down next to her and started to log in. Rachel, noticed me sit down and said, "Hey! I almost thought you forgot about me!" She said joking.

"Not yet." I replied. "Now what do you need help with?" I asked.

"I still don't understand how you're supposed to find and access enemy transmissions." She said a little down heatedly.

"OK, that's pretty easy. Do you remember how to scan different frequencies?"

"Yes, but I've tried that and it takes a literal five hours!!!" She exclaimed.

"OK, show me what you do." I said.

I watched as she turned to the computer in front of her and started running through frequencies. I had to stifle a laugh because A) I didn't want to hurt her feelings and B) it was too easy to see and fix where she went wrong.

"Got something to say?" Rachel asked, looking a little hurt.

"No!" I said. "What makes you say that?"

"The right side of your mouth is twitching and it only twitches when you're trying not to laugh....."

"I'm not hiding a smile...." I tried to say right before I broke it into a major grin.

"Fine smarty pants, show me how it's done." She said with as much dignity as she could muster.

"OK, so we know all of our frequencies right?"

"Yeah? So?" She asked.

"Well, we can eliminate all the frequencies that we know are friendly so we only need to scan the unknown ones right?"

"Makes sense." She said as she started to change her algorithm. "How's that?" She asked.

"Looks good, you can also speed it up by checking all of our satellites for any piggybacking enemy messages." I added.

"Cool, thanks for the help Lily!" Said Rachel.

574th sol- 14:34

I looked at the clock and noticed that it was past two and wasn't surprised since communications can take even longer. My headphones had been on so I didn't notice that Rachel had left. I went back to my station and decided to try reaching our Pluto outpost before I left.

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