Chapter 1. Anna

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I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping like crazy. I looked at the clock. 6:45 AM. Rolling over, I hit the snooze button. I set up, ran my fingers through my strawberry blonde hair, got out of bed, and went to the bathroom to freshen up. As I looked in the mirror above my sink, I couldn't help but smile. Today was going to be a good day. At least, I hoped. I exam at myself in the mirror above my sink, pleased with what I saw. My face was a combination of cream and Rose. My eyebrows were dark and thick. My bright blue eyes were free of any crest or any other gross gunk that might be in them when you first wake up. After brushing my teeth, I went to my room, selected a light blue skirt with matching turquoise top, slipped it on, fixed my hair into a loose ponytail, applied strawberry lip stick to my pink lips, grab my car keys, grab my things, and headed out to my bright blue hummer. I got in, started the car, and drove to Lakewood University.

When I arrived at the University 15 minutes later, I found a parking spot right next to a winter blue Lexus, got out, straightened up, and headed to The administration office to get my schedule. I walked in and went to the front desk. I smiled at the lady who stood behind the desk. Good morning. My name is Anna Hillary. I'm a freshman year. First day.

The woman smile pleasantly back at me. Good morning, Miss Hillary. My name is Rebecca. I am one of the secretaries here at the office. Let me get your schedule. She went to a row of cabinets behind her. She opened one of them, pulled out a file, sifted through it, and came back five minutes later with my schedule. She gave it to me with a smile. Here are your classes. Hope they are satisfactory. Let me know if you should like any changes.

I took the piece of paper from her, smiling. Thank you so much. I definitely will. I turned onto my heel and went out of the office. Once I was outside, I took a look at my schedule. My first class at 9:25 was english. British literature, to be precise. My favorite topic.

After locating the English building, I found my English room, room 219. I walked into the room, and sat down in the back. I was usually a really shy person, not wanting to draw tension to myself. I looked around the room, noticing that there were other students in the room with me. All of them are on their cell phones. Which was no surprise to me.

Then I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned, and found myself face-to-face with a very smiling blonde girl with huge green eyes. Her hair was really really really long. It fell all the way past her feet.

I smiled at her. Hi.

The girl smiled back at me. Hi there! I'm Rapunzel! What's your name?

I smiled. Anna.

Rapunzel. Nice to meet you! Are you new here?

I nodded. Yeah, I am. First day. What about you?

Rapunzel. Me too. It took me forever to find this building.

I giggled. It took me forever to find it, too.

Rapunzel smiled hugely. You and I just barely met like 10 minutes ago, and I already know we are going to be best friends!

I couldn't help but start laughing. I totally agree!

While we were talking, about 30 more students filed into the room. They sat down and every available empty desk. They were talking and chattering like wild birds.

10 minutes later, the back door of the classroom opened and the instructor walked in.

As I looked at her, I felt my heart pounding frantically in my chest. She was absolutely gorgeous.

She had platinum blonde hair that was fixed into a side French braid that fell over her left shoulder. Her complexion was a mixture of cream and Rose just like mine. Her eyebrows were thin and elegant. Her lips were a strawberry pink, a bit darker than mine. And her eyes were absolutely stunning. They were a brilliant winter blue.

Rapunzel. Oh my God. She is gorgeous.

I shoved her gently in the ribs. Don't let her hear you! I knew my face was turning tomato red. I thought she was gorgeous, too. And she was my professor.

Everyone looked at the professor as she wrote something on the whiteboard. Then she turned, a smile on her face. Good morning everyone. My name is Elsa Anderson. Welcome to British literature.

A girl with dark brown hair raised her hand. We're not going to be reading Shakespeare, are we?

Elsa looked at her. No, Miss Bell. We are studying the works of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte.

Bell. Really? I thought we were going to be reading Shakespeare. What about Romeo and Juliet? Or Hamlet? McBeth?? What about them? Their British literature, too!

Rapunzel. Don't worry about her. She's a book nerd. A huge book nerd. Everyone tells me that she is the one who loves to get is. She's in the library all the time. Not a nice girl to be honest with you. One of the popular ones.

I nodded. Seems that way. I focus my eyes on Elsa.

Elsa. Miss Bell, if you cannot control your outbursts, I am going to have to ask you to leave. This is not a Shakespeare class. This is a British literature class.

Bell. Fine! I'll leave! I don't need this class anyway. I already know I am a great reader. She picked up her things and stormed out of the room.

Elsa. Does anyone else want to leave? If so, do now.

No one else moved. They stayed in their seats.

Elsa. Well, then. Thank you for those who are staying in my class. She went to her desk and picked up her clipboard. Today is the only day I will be calling role. The rest of the time if you choose to come to class, or if you do not come to class, your grade will be affected. She began calling out the names of the students. When she got to me, our eyes locked in a magnetic gaze.

My heart flew in my chest. We were looking at each other. Actually looking at each other.

Elsa. Anna Hillary?

It took me a minute to find my voice and answer her. Here. I sounded so pathetic. But then I gave her a smile.

Elsa smiled back at me, her blue eyes shimmering with excitement. I could tell she already likes me, and we had not even met.

The hour and a half class went by before I knew what had hit me. When it was 1035, I got my feet, was about to leave, and then turned back when I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around... And found myself staring at Elsa Anderson. Oh my God. I couldn't breathe.

Elsa. I just wanted to let you know that I feel you are one of the brightest students in this class. I wanted to compliment you on that. Most students or not this bright the first day. You knew so much about Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte.

I smiled, my face turning pink. Thank you so much. I love pride and prejudice and Jane Eyre. They're my favorite books. I have read the more times than I can remember.

Elsa chuckled. As have I. They are also my favorites. I can never put them down once I've started reading them. Have you read weathering Heights by Emily Bronte?

I grinned. I have, actually. It's also one of my favorites. Although it took me a while to get used to the characters of Catherine and Heathcliff. And to the dark themes of the story.

Elsa. I also took a while to get used to the novel. But once I got into it, I thought it was riveting. Very well-crafted.

I smiled. I thought so, too. Then I looked back over my shoulder at Rapunzel, who is waiting for me in the doorway. I waved to her to go on. She stayed where she was.

Elsa. I think your friend is waiting for you. She packed up her things. If you should like to talk about more British literature, my office hours are on the syllabus. You can come whenever you'd like. She smiled.

I smiled. Thank you so much. I turned away, and then felt our hands touch very briefly. Holy crap. Taking a deep breath, I gave her another smile, turned away, joint Rapunzel at the door, and walked out of the room to my next class.

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