I love you(:

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*Louis Tomlinson NOT Dylan Reed*

"Come on!" Louis cheered running into the white building dragging me along

"Im coming, Im coming!" I laughed holding tightly onto his hand

"Two teens" He smiled happily at the worker and gave our skate sizes

"Here. £13.95." He sighed. Cranky asshole.

"Thanks!" Louis giggled clearly unaffected by the mans sour attitude grabbing the skates and running us over to the bench

"Louis calm down its just ice skating! We come every weekend! Whats so special this time?" I laughed slipping my skates on

"Im just excited okay, bear?" He pecked my lips and smiled

"Okay." I smiled back staring into his soft gray blue eyes

"Lets go love" He spoke in a calmer softer voice

"Okay" I held his hand proudly to show every single girl that was starring, that he was infact mine.

We stepped onto the ice carefully ans gracefully gliding across the ice, smiling, laughing, occasionally a quick kiss.

The lights shut off and Louis stopped so suddenly "LOUIS!" I screamed

"Shhh love its okay I have you." A giant spot light shown on us

"What the hell?" I mumbled very confused

Louis got on one knee and smiled, pulling out a little blue box "Claire... I know we're only eighteen.... and we've only been dating for four years but... I have a question... will you be my Mrs. Tomlinson?" He blushed tears welling up in his eyes

"Louis William Tomlinson.... Yes. A million times yes! I love you Louis!" I cried happily

He slowly placed the ring on my finger and stood up holding my face

"Soon... you wont be Havens... you'll be Tomlinson" He whispered kissing me softly

Claps from random by-standers filled the room and a  "oo kill 'em" from Louis' friends who apeared from nowhere

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Not sexual at all. Not. At. All. I know Im a bitch meh blah blah blah. But it was cute and I liked it.

I do write all of these so if you see someone with these in a one-shot book, or something similar to these please let me know so I can check it out myself and I will deal with it(: thanks! 


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