Chapter 1. Boy George & Jon Moss

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It was a clear, sunny summer day. George's favorite. It was a day that promised a positive mood with positive feelings. As George was doing his daily morning routine, a knock sounded on the door. George rushed to answer it. In the doorway stood a tall man by the name of Jon Moss.

Jon Moss is the drummer in a band called "Culture Club". It also consisted of Boy George (the lead singer), Roy Hay (keyboardist/guitar), and Mikey Craig (guitar).

"Hello there George. Jolly day is it not?", Jon said with that charming smile that always made George blush.

"It is Jon. Are you here for practice before the other boys get here?", George returned the smile.

Jon simply shook his head and gave George that devilish smirk that only George knew all too well. "You know exactly why I'm here George."

And just as George was about to speak, Jon rushed into George's house, kicking the door shut, as he crushed his mouth against George's.

George knew it was wrong, but he didn't want to pull away. He wanted to pull Jon against his body. Which is what Jon did.

He picked George up and carried him to the bed, while still kissing him. They arrived at George's bedroom and collapsed on the bed. George landed on his back followed by Jon on top of him.

"Turn around George," Jon whispered. George obeyed. Jon settled himself against George, finding a comfortable position on George. He wrapped one arm around George's waist. The other held the back of George's hand.

Jon could hear the faint sound of George's whimpers. "Hush George. Don't be afraid. It's my first time too."

This calmed George's constant whimpers. Although, Jon's lack of experience still worried George.

Jon felt a slight shake from George, which verified that George was still afraid.

He leaned in to kiss George on his cheek. "It will only hurt for a minute George. Just try to relax and enjoy."

George took a deep breath and nodded.

Jon's grip on George's waist and hand grew tighter. Jon suddenly released his grip from George's hand and made his way to George's pants. He pulled them down slowly.

When they were completely off, he started to make the same slow process with George's boxers.

George was officially naked from waist down.

Jon began to take his pants and boxers off.

George's breaths became heavy. "There there George. I'm about to put it in. Are you ready?"

It was a struggle for George to find his breath so he simply nodded.

In a quick minute, all he felt was the sharpest pain imaginable. He held on to the sheet with all his strength. It was really painful. But George felt pleasure.

"Faster Jon!" George managed to scream. Jon obeyed. There was less pain & more pleasure now.

Only a few more minutes of sex & Jon finally told George, "Don't freak out George. Don't pull away. I'm going to cum." His heart was beating fast & he was breathless but he mustered the strength to cum into George.

It was so satisfying to George that he moaned. He was so disappointed when Jon pulled out.

Jon ordered him to turn around. George obeyed. "I still have some cum left. I am asking you to suck my dick." George nodded his approval.

He took Jon's dick & put it in his mouth. He began to suck it. Slowly at first, but then faster. Cum was dripping off George's mouth. He swallowed Jon's cum. It was so good.

As Jon stopped producing cum, George licked around his dick for any left overs. Jon rested his palm on George's face.

He leaned in until they were close enough to kiss. "Stop George. Look at me." George stopped to look into Jon's eyes.

"I love you Georgie." Jon murmured as he kissed George with passion. He pushed George against the pillows, laying on top of each other.

George pulled away from Jon's lips. "I love you too Jon." George smiled & they continued to kiss.

Jon pulled away to check the clock. "Aw shit! I forgot. I have to go George." As Jon got up from the bed & grabbed his boxers, George grabbed his arm. Jon stopped & looked at George.

"You don't have to leave so soon. Stay with me a little while longer," George pleaded.


George pulled Jon back on the bed & kissed him. In an instant, Jon realized just where he needed to be.


I apologize for the first chapter being long & dirty but I just wanted to capture everyone's attention. Stay tuned for more chapters. xx


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