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Chapter 14:I'll give it to you

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"Have you been lonely without me?"he asked you while caressing your hair."Ne,I missed you a lot"you cuddled with him.A moment of silence hit you guys until you talked."Jungkook..."you said his name."What?"he responded."I want a kid"you looked at him."Y/N-ah,now?You wanna do "it"now?"he asked you surprisingly.All you did was nod.He slowly started undressing and then he undressed you."Where to start?"he mumbled."Anywhere you want"you said."If it hurts,let's stop?"he asks you."I'll get used to it"you said calmly.
The room was full of moans and sounds of pleasure after morning sex,you decided to sleep again and cuddle.We did it!you thought to yourself.

You couldn't stop blushing at what happened earlier so you just didn't go out of your room.Time to time Jungkook would make you come out of your room,but you wouldn't,so he drags you out.

Your pov
"Y/N-ah,what's your problem?"he asks you."Nothing"your face turns red again."you're blushing,what's wrong?"he laughs."I said nothing"you rolled your eyes."Okay okay"he said."Mommy"he whispers in your ear and you responded saying "daddy" which made you wonder why you answered automatically."Haha!"he laughs."I knew it,it's because of what happened"he grabs your hand and brings you to the living room and makes you sit next to him.He holds your hand."Y/N,be strong,okay?If girls say something,don't tell them.If they find out,who cares?I'll be the best husband for you and a good father to our child"he hugs you and you hugged him back.

What a move Y/N😂

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