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We stand there, in shocked mutual silence. A cure? But, surely it's not possible that there could be an end to this nightmare, for me and for Will and his family. Could this really be happening? Slowly, Phil bends down and picks up the heavy leather book, which sent up a huge plume of dust as it hit the carpet. Phil opens the book fully, and reads the passage that describs our ticket out of Horror, and into Reality. I look carefully at Will, who is still frozen as he reached out for me. Jilly, who had come back to life, went over and read over Phil's shoulder.

"Dear Diary," Phil reads out loud.

"I have finally found it! The cure that we have been searching for the whole time this wretched mishap has been going on. After the Keeper showed us the library we began the search immediately. Hannah darling helped as well, until today, June 16th 1897, we finally discovered the cure that could reverse our transformations and bring us back to humanity. Frederick discovered it in an extremely old book, rather like the one I'm writing in right now. It said, that the only way to cure the wolfism is for the werewolf's beloved to sacrifice their blood, and transfuse it into the patient. According to the passage, one drop is all that we need! However, there is a side effect to the cure. Supposedly, after the blood has been given the giver will turn into a fully fledged wolf, and will never turn back into a human for all eternity."

Phil finished the passage and looked up at me excitedly. "We found a cure, WE FOUND A CURE!" Phil shouted, and dropping the book like a hot coal he picked Jilly up around the waist and started to swing her around, still chanting that we had found the cure. I looked again at Will, who had shifted into a more comfortable position, though he still had the shocked expression splashed across his face. I moved carefully over to him, and sat on the arm of his chair, putting my arm around his shoulders. "Will, are you okay? Aren't you happy? We found a cure!" I said happily, my hand tightening around his frame. However, Will didn't say anything, so I started to get a little bit worried. "Will, this is great news, surely you of all people would think so! Now you guys won't have to live like this anymore, in constant fear of putting the people you love in danger! You could move back in with your parents, be a proper family again!" I continued, and then he finally spoke. "No. I won't give up you just so that I can go back to my old life. I could never give you this, nor give you up. NO!" he cut me off as I tried to reproach him. "This is NOT up for discussion Emily! You are NOT even going to THINK about trying this cure, do you understand me?" Will screamed, his chest heaving with emotion and his eyes fixed on my taken aback face. After he had finished with his tirade, he stood there for a few seconds, breathing quickly, until he turned and stormed out of the library, leaving Phil, Jilly and me standing there, the book lying at our feet, and our expressions matching.


I storm out of the room, my thoughts in turmoil. I can't believe Emily would even THINK that I would let her sacrifice her entire life just so I could be human again, especially after only just getting her back. What is she even thinking? I would never ask that of her, because she is too important to me to sacrifice. No way in God's green Earth am I letting her slip away from me just when I thought life was borderline perfect. I know she would do anything for me, but this time it's too much to ask, of her and of me. I can't do that to her, and I never will.

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