Midnight Passion.

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Last night was the night of Greg's life. He went to a house party with some friends and got a little too drunk and passed out in a bedroom upstairs. His friends went looking but couldn't find him. He couldn't even remember how much he had to drink. He woken up looked at the clock and it read 4:35 am. He didn't know why he woke up so early but suddenly he felt a soft hand graze against his arm. He looked over and noticed he was in bed with the birthday girl Moriah Raspberry. He was puzzled for a moment and realized that he wasn't in his own bed. He looked around the room then back at Moriah. He began to wonder how did he get in bed with Moriah and wonder if they have had sex. He pulled back the covers and noticed he was naked. He sat there thinking how the hell he ended up with the birthday girl. He looked over and noticed Moriah was naked too as well, she lying on her back. Just as he stared at her large milk jugs he felt like they were calling his name. He bites down his lip fighting the urge to not just reach out and grab on them.

He remembered down at the party that she was wearing a navy blue skirt hung down to her knees, with a slit on the side and a tight black low v cut shirt. She's a beautiful redbone that didn't need to wear any make-up. Her beautiful dark caramel skin tone with soft, thick hips and sexy curves today she turned 25.

Greg was still trying to figure out how the hell did he ended up with her. He threw back the covers and didn't think that he could have had sex with her last night because she was all over her man Richard who is Greg's best friend. Lifting back the covers more he started feeling his shaft raising. He never saw Moriah naked before just in his dreams. The thoughts that ran through his mind of things that he wanted to do to her was only a dream. He remember just chilling on campus after football practice and watch her and the band practice. Thinking about her in that tight blue and yellow mini skirt with her matching low cut shirt that always should off her cleavage. Greg mind was all over the place with things about what he would do to Moriah and how he would do them. One of them were to play with her juicy fat pussy in his mouth as she rode his face hoping and wishing to feel her juices run down his face, chin, and neck. The other was to have her big round titties wrapped around his dick and leave a heavy load of hot cum all over them.

He was getting himself all horny just thinking about it. He slowly slid out of the bed without trying to wake her. He headed into the bathroom looking around on the floor and noticed they clothes were all over the bathroom floor. He looked over at Moriah then spit in his hands wrapped it around his dick and begun jerking his dick up and down. He still staring at Moriah thinking about having her juicy voluptuous thighs wrapped around his neck while he had his face buried in her moist wet pussy, working his tongue all around her pussy tasting her sweet nectar as he spells out the alphabets. Then slides up lifting her legs into the air pressing his shoulder against the back of them and slide his thick 8-inch dick into her pussy and just leave it in there while he plays with her soft milk jugs. He closed his eyes and let out a moan as the precum trickled down the back of his hands. "Damn, one little taste can't wake her up." He said to himself. He let go of his dick just before he was about to cum.

He walked back into the bedroom suddenly stopping in his tracks he heard a faint noise sounding like moaning. He stood in front of the bed gawking over her body. He could hear the moaning sound getting louder from the next room. He didn't know who it was but that's what he wanted to be making Moriah do right now. He crawled on his knees between Moriah legs moving the covers just a little exposing her pretty shaved pussy. He looked up to see if she was awake or would move, then went in for the kill. He wrapped his arms around her legs licking the slit of her pussy up and down. He looked up as he spread the lips of her pussy wide then slid his tongue inside. He took his hand and traveled it over her breast, squeezing her nipple between his 3 fingers. He slowly licked around her clit then back down into her pussy.

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