I left Gio a shivering mess on the bed and if he thought for one second I was done with his ass then he sorely mistaken, I walked into the bathroom and decided to clean myself up a bit. Gio's third or fourth nut came out like a fire hydrant and though I had no problem tasting most of it, even this was too much for me. Once I finished cleaning off I turned around and saw Gio standing there looking at me, his eyes burned with lustful anger and I took a step back because he was vindictive whenever I made him my bitch.

"Umm can't you see I'm busy.....?" I asked nervously, Gio didn't say anything he just took an unsteady step towards me and I knew he was recovering from that magic trick I just preformed on him. "Gio why are you looking at me like that?" I asked taking a step back as he took another step towards me. "Gio I......" His large hand wrapped around my throat as he pulled me in for a kiss, his kiss was sloppy and uncontrolled as he licked, bit, and kissed every inch of my face. Gio was trying to show that he was in control and I was tempted to let him believe that for now.

"TURN AROUND!!!" He said and without waiting to see what I'd do he grabbed me and pushed me roughly up against the shower door and dropped to his knees. His tongue started writing a story of an epic love that manifested itself through my moans, Gio was dangerous with his tongue and he knew it. Using his tongue and fingers in concert with each other he had me singing his praise to everyone in Cuba and if it hadn't been for his hand pressed against my back I would've been a puddle on the floor. "Damn baby your ass taste good as fuck......" Gio said with his tongue still planted in firmly in my ass. "You like when Daddy eats your ass like this Jer"?" Gio asked and as soon as I opened my mouth to respond he slapped my hard on the ass causing me to feel it in my toes. "Don't fucking talk let you body answer for you...... you like when Daddy eats your ass like this Jer'?" He asked again and my legs started shaking in response to his commanding voice.

"Ohmyfuck......" I said and Gio slapped my on the ass again.

"No fuckin talking Jeremy......." He said biting down on my cheek and I lost it, my dick starting shooting all over the shower door and I was certain that I hadn't even touched it. "Did I tell you to nut?" Gio asked standing up and turning me to face him, the fire in his eyes scared the hell outta me because I knew he was just getting started. "I asked you a question Jeremy...... did I tell you to nut?" He asked again.

"N......" Gio shoved his tongue in my mouth and turned me around again.

"See you hardheaded, I said no talking Jeremy." Gio said rubbing his dick up against the crack of my ass. "See I'm going to have to show you....." He said pushing a little bit of his dick inside of me. I started to say something but stopped because I was only making things worse for myself. "I'm not going to give you La pequeña muerte, that comes later but I am about to show you why I'm top dog." Gio said fucking me slowly, I couldn't think straight.

"Ohmygod what are you doing....." I asked as Gio lifted my leg and started moving his hips almost as gracefully as a dance. I felt my second nut hitting me in a wave of pleasure that wasn't as intense as La pequeña muerte but it was damn near close........ then that wave intensified into something like a tornado trapped in a hurricane on top of an exploding volcano as the second nut turned in seven and I literally started crying tears of pleasure.

"That's called Sete golpes de prazer... or the Seven strokes of pleasure." Gio whispered in my ear as I cried tears of joy. "That was only stroke one....." He said nibbling on my ear, I pushed him out the way and ran out the room but he was hot on my heels slamming the door closed before I could make my escape. "Where you going Jer' I'm just getting started...." Gio said with a cruel gleam in his eyes and I started backing up until I was trapped in the kitchen with nowhere to go.... fuck my life...................


I tried to warn Jeremy but he didn't listen, my dick was still hard and I wasn't going to stop until he nutted at least three more times

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I tried to warn Jeremy but he didn't listen, my dick was still hard and I wasn't going to stop until he nutted at least three more times. Honestly I didn't know the difference between The Little Death and the Seven Strokes of Pleasure, you'd have to asked Papi but that book he gave me was a bible.... if Jeremy only knew all the different tricks I've learned from it then he'd probably never let me fuck again out of fear of becoming a feen for my dick. I walked over to him slowly and rubbed his face.

"I'm sorry Jer.... I got carried away. You aight?" I asked smiling.

"Yeah.... I'm fine." Jeremy said kissing my palm. I pushed him up against the wall and started kissing him gently, somehow we ended up on the ground and I was fucking Jeremy at a extremely slow pace, my eyes never leaving his.

"I love you Jeremy....." I said and I could see he was about to say it back but I silenced him with a kiss. I didn't need to here him say it back because I knew he loved me too. I ended up with my back against the wall and Jeremy riding my dick, I was holding him so damn tight it was almost like I was afraid of losing him.

We had fucked in some many different positions I had lost track. my body was covered in sweat and so was Jeremy's add that to the fact that the room had turned from bright yellow to a subtle orange told me we had been fucking in the kitchen for hours and I knew we had to finish soon before someone came looking for us. I noticed Jeremy breaths starting to increase and so I knew he was close to nutting again.

"Cum for me baby....." I said stroking his dick and within seconds Jeremy was covering my stomach, chest, neck and chin with his nut; taking a little off my chin I placed it on his lips and kissed it off. I felt myself close to nutting to so I bit down on my lip to prevent myself from crying out, I had did enough of that today and after a couple more strokes I felt every drop of nut leave my body.

"That was....." Jeremy said trying to catch his breath.

"I'm hungry as fuck...." I said laughing and Jeremy turned to me and kissed me on the lips.

"Me too..... let's shower and go meet these bums for dinner." He said getting up and walking into the bathroom. I laid there for a second wondering what to do next then it hit me and I sat up with a smile on my face.......


As I washed up I heard Gio walk into the bathroom, like I knew he would and smirked

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As I washed up I heard Gio walk into the bathroom, like I knew he would and smirked. He didn't say anything as he started washing my chest and stomach.

"So what are we having tonight?" I asked and again I saw that lustful anger in his eyes.

"I'm not hungry for food Jeremy." He said smiling, all I could do was shake my head because if this was going to go the way I thought it was about to go, then I probably wouldn't be eating until tomorrow morning and honestly I was okay with that I thought to myself as Gio pushed me up against the wall and we started round something....................

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