Clara's P.O.V

We're already in North Carolina, and time has flown by so quickly. Surprisingly, the fans are still talking about the boys' second concert in Phoenix. Even more surprisingly is that they aren't even talking about Harry and me anymore. Now we're just a regular couple, like Eleanor and Louis. We still get the hate that Eleanor and Louis get, but it's not as bad as it was before, and it's worth it. 100%. The people they are talking about, however, are Tyler and Liam. Only for them, they're getting good publicity. Everyone loves Tyler, and they absolutely idolize Liam for being so honest with them in the first place. That's probably the most unexpected thing to come out of that concert. Sure, Tyler still gets some hate, but not even close to as much as Eleanor, Perrie, and I. Just four concerts left after tonight, and then the tour will be over and the boys'll get some time off. Tyler and I have agreed to go back to England with them, because it's not like we have anything here. Between everything here being spoiled for me and Tyler only having her abusive step-dad and bitchy mom (aside from her older brother, Taylor, of course, who doesn't give a damn about anything), it's not a hard decision to make. 

I decide to look nicer for this particular concert because it's the day that marks the four-week anniversery of my mom's actual death. I don't get too dressed up so that the boys don't think that something's going on, but I put on a little extra makeup and a nicer outfit--a cute dress from "Free People", converse, and one of those flower-wreathy things that you wear on your head. Eleanor and Tyler helped me pick it out--Eleanor has decided to stay with us for the remainder of the tour and then afterwards she'll come back to England for a while. We get on really well, and that's a good thing because since Tyler is always with Liam, I need a girl to talk to, and Eleanor is amazing. She's gorgeous, she's funny, she's nice, and she's excatly like Louis in every way. Except that she has different private parts than him. It's sort of creepy. They could pass as siblings if they weren't together. But most of all, she has a lot of experience with getting shit from the media and the fans, so it doesn't really get to her anymore. She's given up on trying to change hateful fans, so she just focuses all her attention on the people who give her compliments and say nice things, like asking how her day was and stuff like that. I've always been an Elounor shipper, and seeing her and Louis together has made my inner fangirl expload.

"I remember when I was younger, I was obsessed with you," I admit. "I wanted to be just like you, have the same style, everything. One day, I posted a comment on one of your Instagram posts, I can't even remember what it was, but you actually answered and that was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I was happy for like, a week. It was quite sad, actually. Now that I'm looking back on it."

"Awww!!!! I feel so loved now, Clara!" El squeals. "You're such a sweetheart!" I roll my eyes. Classic Eleanor. "Did you hear that, Louis? Clara was an Elounor shipper!"

"You were?" Louis asks. "I thought you were a Larry shipper..."

"I just did that to get on your nerves. Sorry, Lou," I laugh. "I wasn't really any kind of shipper. I was too obsessed with you guys and your girlfriends to think about the possibility of you guys dating each other and being gay."

"You bitch," Lou teases. "Gosh. What can a guy do to get an honest opinion around here?"

"You always have me, babe," El smiles, giving him a peck on the lips. Harry snakes his arm around my waist and pulls me closer. I give my boyfriend a kiss on the cheek and lean against him.

"Gosh, I love you, too, Lewis," I grin at the name that he hates being called. He gives me a not-so-intense glare and I laugh.

"Ok, Clare-bear," I roll my eyes at his horrible comeback. 

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