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はじめまして、みんなさん! 私たちの名前はきよみとあけみです!

We've been huge anime fans for as long as we can remember, so it's always been quite a large part of our lives. We were delighted to be introduced to this website to find great stories with a lot of potential. And after giving away awards for the #ABA2017, I think we need appreciation for every anime themed writer on this platform!

So, that's where this book club comes in! This was entirely inspired by the lovely individuals who run the albclub. They started an anime themed book club way before this account existed!

Well, for anyone who wants to join, here's the form! Remember to tag 2 people (who write anime themed books)! Follow EternalDawning if you haven't already!

Book title:
Series (only add if you are entering a fanfiction):
Age rating:
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If you want to join as a reader, you can! Just fill in the same form with preferences!

We'll further explain the rules when we get a few members and start!

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