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  Bella POV 

 We were on our way the the reception. It is at the Cullen house, thanks to Alice. She's always doing a million things at the same time, I still don't know how she does it. I haven't felt like I am being watched since that day. I was probably paranoid. We drove up to the Cullen house. I got out and looked around in awe. Alice really out did herself yet again. 

"Do you like it?"Alice asked as she skipped over to me in a light blue dress. 

"I love it Alice." I exclaimed hugging her. "you have out done yourself." She hugged me back. 

"Come."She demanded taking my hand and pulling me into the backyard. 

The yard was filled with white roses. There was a dance floor in the middle and 10 tables on either side of the dance floor, fitting 6 people to a table. Alice had placed a bouquet of white roses on every table. There was long table behind the dance floor, for the bride and groom to sit with their family and closest friends. I looked up and over head there was lights stringed from the surrounding trees. 

"Woah, the pixie went over board." I heard Quil said from behind me. Him and Embry walked to the middle of the dance floor and started to twerk. 

"No! No! No! " Alice yelled. "shoo, not yet." Alice hit them both on the head and shooed them off the dance floor. They both sprinted to a table and hid behind it. 

"Remind me to not get on her bad side." Paul's voice said from behind me, as he wrapped his arms around me. I laughed at the thought. 

"Okay, everyone there is name tag on each table with your name on it." Alice yelled so all the guests could hear. '' where your name is you sit there." 

Everyone started to look for their seats, while Paul and I walked to the long table and sat down in the middle and sat next to each other. My mom and dad sat on the left of me along with Jake. While Paul, Sam and Emily sat on my right. The Cullens and the pack sat on one side of the dance floor while my human friends sat on the other side of the dance floor. 

"Okay, let's start with the speeches." Alice said through the microphone. "Charlie Swan can you please come down here." Charlie started to protest, but we all started to chant his name. 

"Fine." Charlie said standing up. We clapped as he made his down to the dance floor. 

" Paul will be a good husband. I know this because I'm a cop, I know things. Like how to hunt somebody to the ends of the earth, and I know how to use gun." Charlie said, while looking at paul with a pointed look in his eyes. My mom got up from her seat and walked to the dance floor, taking the microphone from Charlie.

" Bella,  my daughter, you just graduated from high school and now you are married." Reneé said, sniffling a bit. " it feels like just yesterday you were my little ballerina, dancing about the house. When I first heard that you wanted to finish school here, I thought you were out of your mind."  The guests laughed while Charlie rolled his eyes. 

" Now I see that you being here has positively changed you life." Reneé continued. " Paul I am glad that you are in my daughter's life. Protect, love and take care of her. I am happy to call you my son-in-law." The guests clapped, as I had tears coming down my face. I got up from my seat and went around the table to hug her. 

"Thank you." I whispered in her ear. 

"Your welcome." Mom said, squeezing me. 

" Now it's time for the father- daughter dance." Alice announced. "Charlie! get down here." Mom and I laughed as Charlie slowly walked over here. 

" Can I have this dance." Dad asked. I nodded, taking his hand. We slowed danced to 'It Will Rain' by Bruno Mars. Slowly other couples started to slow dance too, including Jake and Leah, mom and Phil. 

"Can I steal her?" Paul asked, from beside us. 

"Be my guest." Dad said as he handed me off to Paul. Paul nodded and took me in his arms. 

"Hello Mrs. Lahote." He said smirking down at me. 

"Hello Mr. Lahote." I mocked, smiling up at him. 

We danced together for a couple more minutes before Alice dragged me away to change for the honeymoon. 

"Sorry Paul, you'll get her back in an hour." She yelled as she dragged me into the house. She dragged me up the stairs as I tripped up on these outrage high heels. She dragged me into her room and started to throw designer clothes into two bags.

"There's a dark blue dress hanging up in the bathroom, go change." Alice demanded as she zipped around the room, while clothes were thrown in every direction. I rolled my eyes as I took off the uncomfortable heels and walked/ lipped into the bathroom. 

 I walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I unzipped my dress and laid it across the counter. I picked the dress up from the hanger and put it on, I looked in the mirror and flattened my hair a bit before stepping out of the bathroom. I found Alice sitting calmly on the bed with a pair shoes in her hand. I smiled and grabbed the converse from her. 

"Finally, some real shoes!" I joked. Alice lightly giggled while glaring at me. 

"Just go see your man." She jokelly huffed. "he's downstairs." 

( A/N Cliff hanger. The reception happened.  I kinda got the feels for the father-daughter dance since I won't get one. But, at least Bella got the dance. Hope ya'll liked)

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