Chapter 19

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Back. Long time no, whatever. From the requests (and threats) I've been sent, I've decided to write a chapter and depending on the feedback I get, continue on! Here is a long-awaited chapter, I can only hope you guys will enjoy it.

Thanks for being so loyal and following this! I appreciate it! :)

Chapter 19 - The Laws of Love

Sometimes,  I find myself lost in thought. Sometimes, I find myself lost in a store. Sometimes, I find myself lost - period. That's where I'm at right now, lost in no-man's land. In my brain, of course.

My thoughts completely jumbled. My dad has always told me, "Kid, when you find something that makes you happy, go after it and never stop till you get it." That's what he did, in his career and when he met my mom. Dad's say things like that, the wise advice of your parents. The advice you really don't listen to but, you do at the same time. It's the advice that's always the truth in the end, when we realize we were wrong.

So before, I go ahead and ignore those words. Those wise, wise, words. I decided to listen to them.

That's how I traveled out of no-man's land and came back to my room.

What makes me happy? The questions are sometimes difficult and the answers are simple, Dr. Seuss said that and for some reason, I'm in a quoting mood today. But unfortunately, that's not my case. My question is simple, my answer..... not so much. 

What makes me happy? What makes, me, Marissa, happy? Ice cream makes me happy, my favorite movies make me happy, even going to the beach makes me happy. But how do I go after that and not stop till I get it?

Is my answer really to get a job and make money so, I can buy ice cream, movies, and a house on the beach? I really hope not because, I'll need quite a large amount of that green stuff we call money. Ice cream prices have really risen, as well as blu-ray. 

My day wasn't moving by fast, it seemed. Here I was, sitting in my room pondering what it is that makes me happy.

And that's when it hit me.

The truth in my dad's words, "When you find something that makes you happy, go after it and don't stop till you get it." I've been asking myself for years, what exactly it was that made me happy.

The question is difficult but, the answers are simple.

It's not what makes me happy, it's who.

Who makes me happy?

My mind immediately reeled, faces from my past and present flashing back and forth.

Em, Aspen, my family, Logan, Elliot, Rian, Jan-


Logan makes me happy and with that sudden realization, I blinked. As if on que, in some strangely predictable movie, my mind asked why?

"Why?" The word traveled past my lips, without my consent.

So, I fell back onto my bed, staring at my ceiling in pure wonderment. Logan was my mind's choice, it was with no hesitation whatsoever.

And that's how I spent my day, tucked away in my room, questioning my mind's answer. Was it really that simple of an answer? Then my mind traveled to Rian. The guy I've been severely crushing on, the guy who ended us before there was an "us."

As my twisted thoughts, sifted through those, my eyes widened in some type of realization once again.

Logan makes me happy or so my brain says but, I like Rian.

Shouldn't the person you like make you happy?

The questions are difficult, the answers are simple. My mind answered my question for me, "yes." My muddled thoughts drifted again, analyzing the new information I came to realize. My bestfriend makes me happy but, I like someone who doesn't.  The person I like is supposed to make me happy. The person I like is supposed to make me happy.

The person I like is supposed to make me happy.

With a gasp, I sat up, my hand flying to my mouth in reaction.

Who exactly do I truly like?

The questions are difficult, the answer is simple.

Where's my simple answer this time?

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