cheated // jughead jones (pt. 2)

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"[Name]! Wait..." An all too familiar voice called you from behind. You fastened your pace, almost tripping at one moment. "[Name]..." Tears silently formed from your eyes. A hand gripped your's tightly. You ripped your hand away from his grip. "Listen Jughead, if it's one of your explanations, just stop. J-just stop, I — I don't want to hear it." You told him finally turning to look at him.

You finally looked at him after three days. You took in his appearance. His eyes weren't the usual sparkly ones that showed gaiety and cheerfulness, but showed pain, grief and regret. He had eye bags, maybe because of staying up too late. His dark hair was disheveled. You knew he was a mess. He was a miserable mess. And even though he was a mess, you still thought he was the most strikingly handsome boy you have ever seen. But after all, you still had to admit that you still loved him. You still loved Jughead Jones.

"Please... Please listen to me..." He hopelessly said. "P-please..." His voice cracked at the end. A tear fell from your eye which, as well hurt him. "You — you weren't the one who was cheated on. Why're you so — so affected about this? Why — why're you so—" He cut you off saying, "I'm sorry [Name]... I really am." You closed your eyes a few tears falling.

"You should've told me you loved Betty. At least it wouldn't hurt more. I could've understood... I would've helped you, even if it hurts... I — I feel so..." You coughed and spluttered, wiping your eyes. "Stupid..." You continued as he finally got a hold of your hands then pleaded, "Please — please give me another chance. Give — give me another chance..." You shook your head 'no'.

"I'm sorry Jughead... I can't do this anymore... I don't wanna get hurt anymore... I just — I need space. I need someone who will truly love m-me, not just use me for their conquests," You responded as you tried to get your hands from his grasp. But he wouldn't budge, he even gripped on it more tightly. "Please [Name]... let me love you... This time I — I know I'm not lying," he desperately said. "I'm sorry Jug, I want someone who will truly love me. The one who will see my efforts. The one who will make me feel unique. The one who will love me wholeheartedly," You replied looking down.

"I did love you! When I — I was with you, I fell in love..." He confessed. "And I fell hard. Sure I was using you, but I fell in love with you [Name]." You didn't utter a word because you were shocked with what he just said. You being stubborn shook your head repeatedly as if saying 'no'. "No Jug... You're just saying that because of pity. You're just saying that because I caught you cheating. Please Jug... I don't want to do this anymore."

"Do you — do you still love me?"

The question caught you off guard. "I — I don't love you anymore..." you lied through your teeth. He felt his heart shatter upon hearing those words leave your mouth. He refused to believe you. "Look into my eyes [Name]..." he held your hands tightly. "T-tell me straight in my eyes that you don't love me anymore." You doubted if you should do what he said, but did it anyways. You look to see his gray kinda blue irises.

"I — I... I — I," you stuttered as a tear fell from your eye. "I — I still love you." He sadly smiled replying, "Please [Name]... I'll do anything to win you back. I'll do everything for you to be back in my arms." You gave up tired of him asking for forgiveness.

"Are you — are you sure? I don't wanna live a lie anymore..." You replied unsure. He nodded saying, "Yes [Name], I am very sure. I love you and this time I'm not lying." You nodded understanding, "Then I forgive you Jughead."

He jumped right into you, putting his arms on your waist, securing you in a tight hug. "But — but you should really show it. Not just say it," You sniffled. He broke apart from your hug holding your face in his hands. He looked at you with eyes that showed relief and love.

"I love you [Name]," He said looking straight into your eyes. "I love you too Jughead," You responded as he captured your lips with his.

...And he was glad to have her back in his arms.
Loving her wholeheartedly and not a lie anymore.

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