Tweek x tea lover! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling of course!!~

~Your POV~

Today I'm going to South park to visit my cousin Craig Tucker, yes I'm the cousin of Craig Motherfucking Tucker. But anyway I was at the front door, I knocked but Craig didn't answer. It was a cute blonde boy quite a cup of black coffee in his hand, "Umm...hi... is Craig here?" I said awkwardly

"y-yes GAH!! H-how are you?" He said with a shaky voice.

"Oh it (y/n) tucker, Craig's cousin," I said

"oh, he GAH!! i-is upstairs" he said letting me in and I ran to his bedroom. He was playing video games on his bed, I ran up to him and tackled him making him lose the game.


"The only bitch in your life," I said still on him, it took him a while for him to realize it was me

"(y/n)! I'm so happy to see you!!" He said smiling

"Me too dumbass," I said hugging him and he hugged back, the blonde boy stood there awkward

"Oh (y/n) with is Tweek and he loves coffee," he said pointing to the blonde.

"Nice to meet you Tweek, I'm (y/n) and I hate coffee," I said

"H-how GAH! could y-you n-n-not like coffee GAH!" He said confused in a way.

"Well I think it tastes gross but I love tea," I said awkward

"Well h-how about w-we GAH! G-go to the c-coffee shop" Tweek suggested.

"Sure," I said brightly, I, tweak and Craig walked to the coffee shop.

It was funny because the shop was called Tweek Bros coffee "hey Tweek does your parents own this shop" I ask

"y-yeah we make t-the best c-coffee GAH! in s-south park," he said opening the for me and I walked in

"(y/n) what would you like?" Craig asked

"peppermint tea thanks," I said smiling


"B-black coffee p-please," Tweek said sitting at a table and I sit across him.

When our drinks arrived, tweak quickly grabbed his coffee and took a sip, I giggled and held my cup gently taking a sip also. The warm liquid relaxed me.

I looked at tweek and realized he was staring at me, he blushed and looks away. I giggle and asked "tweek would you like to try some tea?"

"S-s-sure," he said leaning over the table, I looked at him confused. He leaned into my face and kissed me, his warms lips tasted sweet, I closed my eyes and leaned in. I felt him pull away and I wished it lasted longer, "Your r-right (y/n) t-tea does tastes g-good," he said blushing.

~Soz its short~

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