Chapter 2

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Rose's P.O.V

I was in the car with my two of my closest friends, not to mention my cousins, Ember and Sapphire, listening to the old CD's we got from our fathers 6 years ago. Six years ago. It seemed so long ago that they gave my cousins and I these CD's. Little did we expect a few months later they would be dead.

My name is Roseanne Madison Thomas and I've been 20 years old for little over a month now. I have blonde hair that has a couple green and pink highlights mixed in and I apparently have jade green eyes. My hair typically goes down to my mid-back but I normally keep it in a braid or just pulled back into a ponytail, although it doesn't help with my bangs, I got used to it. I normally wore something fashionable yet comfy, if it's even possible and on occasion, my beanie. I kept my tessens on my side belt. Yeah, I got those on the birthday before my dad died too, but it helped me through a lot, so it works.

Ember is almost same age I am,  19 years old, she's only a few months younger than me but that doesn't mean she isn't very strong and intimidating. She has red hair with orange tips which strangely enough, like my highlights, isn't artificial. Weird, right? She has piercing hazel eyes that can make your blood run cold if you get on her bad side, or worse. She had her red tank top and black shorts on that gave off the tomboy in her, seriously, the girl is better at sports then the others, me included, which means your team is done for if she's on the opposing team. She always had her blade in her pocket, yep, you heard right. Her blade is like Percy Jackson's in the old stories we were read when we were kids. She has a hotheaded temper to match her personality and her element. Yeah, she's a fire elemental, the only one in our family that's a fire elemental that's alive, then again, so am I, only I control earth, not fire.

Sapphire is almost the natural opposite of Ember. Almost. Her and Ember are actually the closest friends you can ever meet. I tend to be part of the group too, but those two could be considered sisters. Although, she is about 5 months older than me, she asks me for permission for a lot of things. Sapphire's black hair was tied back into a ponytail and her frost blue highlights shined elegantly against the pitch black she has of hair. Her deep blue eyes were focused outside the car window and her pale tan skin etched her so uniquely that it was easy to spot her in a crowd. Her leather jacket on her lap while her blue tee-shirt hung limply off her lean frame, her black jeans showed off her frame and her black boots planted on the floor of the car. Her shurikens was in her bag, which she never left by her side. Like Ember and I, she has a natural element too, she's the water elemental, and also the healer which comes in handy if we're ever attacked by enemies, which rarely happen so we train whenever we can so we can stay in top shape.

I listened intently into the fifth song in the album, You & I, and yes, we're listening to One Direction: Midnight Memories. Even though it's an old album, we fell in love with the songs in there, but Half a Heart really grabs us on our emotions. It was the song our fathers always sang to us when we were sad. We still love the song, it just hurts when we think about our fathers and how they were killed. It was horrifying when Sapphire, Ember and I were 14 and our cousin was 13. We lived together with our brothers and eldest sisters until our brothers signed up for the army and our sisters had to leave for a new job in Athens. Yeah, our lives pretty much suck but we got through it and we're still going on strong.

I felt Ember tap on my shoulder, I could hear her headphones playing Monster by Rihanna and Eminem from her music player. It almost drowned out Happily from my car speakers.

"You know I can crash into a tree if you do that, right?" I said, giving her a quick, 'this is your warning' look before turning my attention back to the road.

"Sorry, I just wanted to see if we are going to stop to get some food," She stated, turning off her music and putting the small device into the opposite pocket from her sword.

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