Chapter 1

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Patricia Bishop was undeniably the most frustrating person that Richard Mills had ever had the displeasure of meeting. She barely cooperated with him, despite her claim that she wanted to figure out who did it.

"Get me the prison psychologist." Mills growled at the guard after another day of waiting for Pax to start her story. "Set up an examination, I want to know what is wrong with Bishops pronto."

"Yes sir." The guard replied gruffly, before walking down towards the entrance to the hall to communicate with the guard waiting there.

Returning a moment later, after some quiet conversation to set up the appointment with the psychologist, the guard spoke. "It's set up for tomorrow morning at 8 A.M. Would you like to be present, or would a transcript be good enough for you?"

Mills sighed. "A transcript. I can't keep getting here at 7 A.M. just because I feel the need to continue work on this unsolvable case." He ran a hand through his already untidy hair and looked down at his clothes. A rumpled suit showed that he had spent the night on the couch in the office that he had been temporarily assigned for the case, and his tie was not straight, or even tied.

"Go home Rich." The guard said. "From one buddy to the next, you look bad."

"Thanks." Mills said, sarcasm evident in his voice.

"I mean it Rich." The guard grabbed his arm. "You're so tired, I bet you don't even remember my name." It was said with a smile, but Mills could see the strain behind it. Mills should know the guard's name by now. It had been weeks since that first interview with Bishops, and the guard had been there every day since then.

"It's Will."

"What?" Mills asked, thrown back into his thoughts.

"My name." The guard paused. "It's Will."

"Will." Mills muttered thoughtfully. "Any relation to-"

The guard cut him off. "The kid murdered?" He laughed. "People aren't related by first names you know. You really are tired. Go home."

Mills grumbled, but couldn't do anything but agree with Will. "See you tomorrow then, Will. I'll be here at ten."

"You should get someone to drive you home. You're in no fit state." Will said as he escorted Mills down the hallway.

"I already called for a taxi. Should be here at five." Mills muttered, as he practically staggered down the hallway like a drunk.

Will checked his watch. "It's only 4:30."

"I'll take a nap until then."

Will smiled, glad that the investigator was finally getting some sleep. "Go to the office. I'll have someone call when it gets here."

"Thanks Will." Mills slurred sleepily. "You're a real lifesaver."

Richard Mills barely made it to the office before he collapsed into a deep sleep.


When he woke up from his short nap, Will was shaking him slightly. 

"You're a heavy sleeper, Rich." Will said, the words barely understood by the investigator. "Your taxi's here. Take a day off tomorrow. You need it."

"We'll see." Mills replied. "I feel like I'm so close to something with the case, but I cab't figure out what."

"Why don't you interview Bishops again? It might give you new information." 

By this point, the pair was already out the door and Mills was getting into the car. "Sounds like a good idea. I'll interview her in two days. God knows I need a day off."

Will closed the door to the car and headed back inside the prison and down to the isolation ward. He walked silently though the halls, but the prisoners could hear even the tiniest noise and started shouting the moment he put his foot into the room. 

He walked past three doors and stopped at 42E. "Bishops?" He asked, and when he received no response he peeked into the room. It was normal for it to be eerily silent, but that didn't mean Will wasn't freaked out. He wasn't used to this type of prisoner. 

"Bishops?" He asked again as he saw her laying on the floor with her feet on the bed. "In two days you'll be going in for questioning again."

The only indication that she had heard him was a slight nod of her head, and Will backed away and headed back down the hallway, thinking about how odd Patricia Bishops was, and how much he believed that if there was something wrong with her case, Robert Mills would be the one to find it. 



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