Chapter Three:

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I know, im late. So sorry guys!! And heres the moment you've all been waiting for....CHAPTER THREE!!!!!!

Pregnant? My immortal best friend is pregnant? I thought it was immpossible. I look at her and her fear is visible in her eyes.

"How can you tell?"

"I have a friend that has premonitions. She saw it." I nod.

"How far along are you?"

"She says five months. But since I'm an immortal, you cant tell. My stomach wont get bigger as the baby grows, nor will i have symptoms. It'll be like im not even pregnant, until time for birth. This is very rare, Ari. But when it happens, the baby stays in the stomach for only seven months, till i give birth."

"What happenes then.? How do you get the baby out.?" Lucas spoke up for the first time since she told us.

"Damion. Hes a very powerful immortal. Also among the first of immortals. Hes the one who created Kat, so he gets the baby out. Kat then decides what she whats to do with it."

"How does this Damion guy do it.?" Kats turn to talk again.

"You'll meet him soon. He'll explain that." I nod, not knowing what to say. Awkward silence. After a few moments, i speak up.

"Well, uh, im sleepy and i need a shower to wash all this blood off, so Lucas, if your staying with me lets go." He nodded, already walking out the door. I walk over to Kat and hug her, tight.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Ari." I nod,pulling away. We walk outside,and it was dark and cold. I start shivering instantley. We all get in Kats car and she drives me and Lucas to my house. After a few minutes, my three-story, white house comes into view. Kat pulls into my circle driveway with a fountain in the middle. We quickly say our goodnights and get out. I point to the balcony on the third floor.

"Fly up there and i'll let you in." He nods, and i run up to my front door, sneaking in. I hear glass break. Of cours, my foster mom is up, drunk or high. I sneak up the spiral staircase to the third floor. My room is the only room up there besides the art room. I go to my room locking the door behind me. Walking to the balcony, i take off my shoes and jacket, then let Lucas in, shutting the doors after i do. He plops down on my bed, kinda like my five year old sister did before-

No! Im not thinking about that night. I go to my closet, and pull out shorts and a tank top for bed.

"Im gonna get my shower now. Make yourself comfy."

"Okay but why are you crying?" I feel my face and sure enough, there are tears. I quickly wipe them off, and instead of answering, irush to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I quickly strip off my clothes, throw them in my dirty clothes basket, turn on the water and get in. I close my eyes and let the warm water hit me. I wash my neck off and my hair. I turnn the water off and step out. As soon as my foot hit the floor, i slip and fall outwards, hitting my head on the sink. God, more blood!? I grab my towel, wrapping it around me. My first aid kit is in my closet. I carefully stand up and open the bathroom door. I start for my closet, looking down. When i thought i was gonna make it, Lucas grabs my waist and forces me to sit on my bed. He kneels down in front of me, examining my forehead. He walks to my closet, pulls out my first aid kit, and comes back over towhere im sitting. He cleans my forehead off then puts a bandage on it. I smile up at him.

"Thanks. Um i sorta need to get dressed though." He blushes and moves from in frnt of me, letting me go change in the bathroom quickly. I dry my hair with the towel and throw it in the dirty clothes basket, on my way back into my room. I lay down and look at Lucas.

"You can lay down too, you know." He smiles a little, climbing into the bed with me, but keeping his distance. He was pretty close. For some odd reason, i wanted him closer.

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