Bonus Chapter

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B O N U S  C H A P T E R


      AFTER SKYE LEFT, I couldn't stop the guilty feeling digging its way at my chest. She might be a pain in the ass, but she didn't deserve everybody turning on her in a moments notice because of Selena. If it wasn't for the intense need to see my best friend after all these years, I might have even sent Selena home with a text.

      I didn't think telling them that Selena was at the door would lead to Skye having to leave. I didn't understand why she couldn't just tell Selena. She let Dakotaa complete stranger to all of usknow almost immediately who she was for Tyler, but she couldn't let Selena—an old, trusted friend of oursknow too.

      My irriation at the thought was quickly wiped away as I made my way to the door. My thoughts surrounded the fact that she'd have nowhere to go once she left, since all of us were here.

      I shook my head to clear my thoughts and opened the door. Dark hair braided down and over her shoulder, along with a bright smile greeted me instantly.

      "Hey," she said quickly. Her voice was light and melodic, and the overwhelming feeling of how much I'd missed growing up with her enveloped me.

      Her smiled put a dent in my stony expression, just enough for the ghost of a smile to lift the corner of my mouth. "Hey."

      She raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms. "Are you gonna let me in, Williams?"

      To my surprise, my mind drifted back to the day me and Skye visited Tyler after he'd been shot.

      I'd been trying to get that stupid dollar bill to stay in the vending machine, but Skye's annoying snickers just fueled my irritation. 

      I glared as she snickered again and pulled out the dollar bill. She straightened it, running it back and forth along the edge of the machine to soften out any creases. She slid it back into the slot and turned to face me with this big, accomplished smile before snorting out a smug laugh. "Worked for me, jerk."

      I smirked as I watched the dollar slide right back out of that slot, then pointed at the machine behind her. "Look again, Skye."

      She glanced over her shoulder at the machine and winced when she visually confirmed that the dollar had indeed slid back out. She groaned and kicked the machine, just like I had before, but I didn't bother holding in my laugh at her reaction.

      "Looks like your brilliant plan didn't work, Valkyrie."

      "Looks like I don't give a shit, Williams."

      "Ryder?" Selena questioned, snapping a finger in my face. "You okay?"

      I blinked a few times at the close proximity of her brightly colored fingernail to my face before nodding. It was strange, seeing her in bright colors—a pair of bright white shorts and a pale blue cami tank top. Back when we'd all been close, Selena refused to wear anything besides band shirts and dark jeans. A lot had changed, I supposed. "Yeah, sorry."

      "You zoned out for a minute there. I thought I lost you." She laughed at her comment, and I smiled. She always used to have have some kind of joke or amusing comment up her sleeve, no matter how terrible.

      "Come on," I said, stepping aside for her to walk past me. "Let's see what the guys are doing."


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