My Valentine

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Warnings: Bf/n being overly romantic, "GET A ROOM", "We already have one", NSFW Bf/n stop, another shorter chapter, aaaaaaaaa, F/n taking everyone out so Bf/n and Y/n can have alone time EXPOSITION, dirty talk, Bf/n tells Laf a secret
(Y/n POV)
He wouldn't stop being adorable. He wanted to spend the whole day with me. I was making breakfast for everyone today because of Alexander burning the bacon the other day. Bf/n wrapped his arms around my waist, clearing my hair away from my neck and resting his chin down on my shoulder. His hands rubbed up and down on my hips and waist. He was bent down to meet my height. He planted a long kiss on my jaw, making me jump slightly as everyone else was only a room away, behind the island.
"Not now, baby..." I rubbed his hair with my free hand, kissing his forehead.
"Sorry, your skin is just so soft...You smell good too... I can't wait to eat you up tonight~" he smacked my bottom, making me yelp.
"Weirdo..." I said, blushing. I playfully shoved him away.
"Get a room!" Mulligan called, causing everyone to laugh.
"We already have one." Bf/n sneered. He actually sounded rather ticked off by the comment. He knew what to expect now, and was much more comfortable being...protective. He wasn't possessive, he was just very micromanaging. He never wanted me to do anything in my own, afraid that I'd even trip on my own clumsy feet.
I served breakfast, eating and checking though the mail. I had received a confirmation letter from president Trump himself about the founding fathers. The letter was a formal invitation to Washington D.C. in late February for a public event celebrating their "resurrections from the dead", it seemed. In the envelope were the six plane tickets, mine, and three extras, labeled "bring three guests."
I immediately thought of F/n, Bf/n and Jodie as the likely candidates.
While reading, I eyed up at the oddly silent table. Lafayette looked discouraged, quietly staring at his plate of food while eating with a cross anger/disdain look in his brown eyes. Alexander was glaring at Jefferson, the two of them seeming to be having a staring contest of sorts. Jefferson's glare back read "he started it" and I could only wonder what antics they have been up to. Laurens was watching intently as Mulligan patched up a ripped shirt of his he wanted to fix with a needle and thread. He was a really neat tailor. Madison was sunken back into his chair with a sulking look on his face as he occasionally reached for a piece of bacon or a chopped up piece of potato to eat. Burr was focused on another book, called A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking.
F/n was eyeing Bf/n, who had his eyes either in me, Lafayette or his food.
F/n never had luck in their relationships. They were scared to fall in love. Their last relationship was abusive, and left them with a rather dark impression of romance. That's why any passionate interaction they had with someone was usually a one night stand or affair. They cared about me though. They saw how bad Bf/n wanted alone time with me and how crazy he was about me. How helpless he looked, and me in return.
Everyone finished eating, and they volunteered to take everyone else out for me.
"Really? Are you sure you can handle them all on your own?" I questioned quietly.
They shrugged and nodded. "I can handle them. I'll just take them to that coffee shop around the corner and then the mall and maybe I'll buy some Broadway show tickets or something." They shrugged again.
I trusted them.
(Lafayette POV)
I stared out the window. I don't care if he's her courter, suitor, Ou si elle est une pute...
I don't love Y/n like that, she's just like a great sister to me. The way he touched her and spoke to her rubbed me wrong. It made me discouraged.
Bf/n came up to me and pat my shoulder.
"Hey, I need you to keep a little secret, Frenchy."
Ne m'appelez pas comme ça. J'ai un nom.
He pulled his phone and showed me a picture of quite a lovely engagement ring.
"When we go down to D.C. in two weeks, I'm going to ask her to become Mrs. Bf/l/n. Keep it a secret..." He winked and smirked softly.
That unsettling smirk.
I hated him so much, and I still couldn't figure out exactly what...
(Y/n POV)
"We're alone~" Bf/n snatched me up off the ground playfully, making me squirm and laugh.
"Hey! Calm down, big boy!" I tugged at his arms constricted around me.
He put me down and shoved me against a wall, gently yet in a way that made me know he meant business. His arms were on either side of my head, and he smirked mischievously.
I slowly placed my hands on his shirt and tugged at the fabric. His eyes were locked onto mine. "You. Strip first." He demanded.
I blushed shyly.
"Happy Valentines Day." He tiredly pet my hair and rubbed my cheek.
I stared at him and smiled softly. "I love you."
"I love you too... And I'm gonna prove that soon."
"Huh?" I was confused. What did he mean by that.
"You'll see..."
(A/n: Happy Valentine's Day my cute readers ❤️. This chapter is good, and the next one will be about F/n out in public with everyone else. It will be told from everyone's POV at least once. I did a Valentine's Day chapter instead of a birthday one, because idk when any of your birthdays are and that's for you to decide. Have a nice day/night wherever you are.)

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