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Johnny's P.O.V

I saw her frozen face and I felt my heart sink. What did I just ask her? "Christine, I'm so sorry, babe." She looked shocked and she got off of my lap and laid down. She was silent and not looking at me. "God dammit, Johnny. You need to stop thinking with your dick!" I said in my head. I rolled over and faced her. "Christine, I shouldn't of asked. I'm so sorry." I stroked her cheek and she finally looked at me. Her hand brushed against my crotch accidentally and I almost lost it. "Johnny, I want to." My eyes went wide and I gulped. "Are you sure?" She nodded and moved closer to me, pressing her lips to mine. I rubbed my tongue against her lips and this time she didn't pull back. I pulled away and started to kiss her neck. She moaned and whimpered my name, and I felt myself growing in my pajama pants. I got on top of her and got between her thighs. She tensed a little and said, "Johnny, I'm not sure about this? I mean, I'm nineteen." I looked into her eyes and said, "I can stop." I pulled back and sat on my knees. "What about...that?" She asked looking at my crotch. I shook my head. "Don't worry. It should go down any minute." I laid down beside her, trying to calm myself down. She rolled over and said, "I promise that after my ear surgery we can try again, ok?" I looked at her and said, "Take your time, Christine. I can wait awhile for you, baby." She kissed my cheek and said, "Wanna order pizza?" I felt my stomach rumble and I said, "That actually sounds really good, babe. Get my phone and I'll order it." She got off the bed and went over to my suitcase and grabbed my phone and threw it to me. "I want pepperoni, please." She said as she walked into the bathroom.  I got off the bed and followed her. Before she shut the door I asked. "Dominos or Pizza Hut." She leaned over and gave me a deep kiss. "Surprise me." She almost whispered. She disappeared into the bathroom and I felt myself growing again. God, this will be difficult.

DJ: Hey guys! Here's the new chapter of Silence. Rumor has it is that everyone is liking this story and I am really glad that it's going fantastic. :D Thanks a bunch for reading!

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