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"C'mon girls there's toys in the office I'm sure you can't wait to play with" Keana smiled, leading Lucy up the stairs, making sure Lauren and Camila were still trailing behind her.

Since the brunch had taken place in the same building the meetings would be held in, the women only needed to make their way upstairs to their personal offices and drop off the girls before making their way to their individual meetings.

"Momma can we order food later?"

"Lucy we just had food kid" Lauren chuckled, opening the door and holding it open for the three of them.

"And there's plenty of snacks in here already baby, room service is off limits" Keana spoke, playfully wagging her finger at her daughter.

Lauren laughed at the two, gently pulling Camila aside once they were settled in the office.

"Okay sweetie, the bathroom's in there if you have to go, and in case you can't make it, there's pull ups under the sink if you want to change yourself, and if you don't, I'll be here between meetings to check on you okay? It'll just be you and Lucy in here honey, so if you want to be little, you can" Lauren told her gently, stroking Camila's cheek to make sure she knew it was okay.

"Okay lolo" Camila whispered, biting her lip. She hadn't been back in her headspace completely since she and Lauren fought, and to say she was nervous was an understatement.

"Alright then sweetie, have fun and be good, I'll be back when I can" Lauren said, lovingly kissing her head before making her way towards the door.

"Oh, and just in case you don't wanna be little, there's video games in the cabinet under the TV. But don't tell Keana, it's my secret stash" Lauren whispered in her ear, winking and walking out.

Camila giggled, smiling when she saw Lucy already playing with the toys scattered around the room.

"C-can I play?" She asked nervously, watching Lucy put together a large wooden puzzle.

"Yes!" Lucy squealed, moving over to make room. Camila smiled, starting to put together some of the pieces.

They were right in the middle of their second puzzle when Camila felt a throb in her bladder. Realizing how bad she had to go, she quickly got up and ran into the bathroom.

In the end, she'd just barely avoided an accident, but was proud of herself nonetheless.

Lauren came around a few times to check on them, as well as Keana. They were only gone for about two hours when they both got back, throwing themselves on the couch.

"So meetings were cut short, who's up for a beach day?" Keana smiled, taking off her suit jacket. Lucy squealed, jumping on her lap and begging her to say yes.

"What about you sweetie, what do you think?" Lauren smiled, directing her attention at the small girl still sat quietly on the floor.

"Yes please Lauren" she smiled softly.


"Sorry girls, it's a bit too chilly to play in the water today. But you're both welcome to play in the sand if you want" Lauren said. They'd all gone back to her house, the two little ones immediately making their way to the backyard.

Lucy whined, while Camila quietly agreed, a small pout on her lips.

"We can always go swimming tomorrow honey, right Ke?"

"Sorry Laur, but we're heading back tonight. You and Mila are welcome over anytime for a swimming day though" Keana smiled.

Both Camila and Lucy got over their ban from the water pretty quickly, getting distracted by the sand toys they'd both brought on the trip.

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