Chapter Nine

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We the freshmen, followed the seniors silently down the street. Unlike us, they were all well dressed, sexy and made up. It didn't really bother me, but it bothered the spoiled princesses. Luckily for them, they were allowed to make up and put on little accessories. I had none of that. And also, I wasn't at all comfortable in the black heels I had on. I was used to my sneakers.

A lot of people were heading for the sigma house. We saw other groups come out of their own houses, heading for the sigma house.
As we approached, loud music and noise could be heard at a distance.
When we got there, the huge house was booming and a lot of people were at its front.

When we got there, the huge house was booming and a lot of people were at its front

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"Oh my gosh! This is gonna be great." Bella squealed and the others agreed excitedly.
We walked up the path to the door and then Chelsea turned to us.

"Alright beta babies. This is your first party. Enjoy. Don't mess up. But remember not to party too much. Be back at the house at two am. Or you'll get locked up outside. Okay?"


I rolled my eyes. I would not even stay up to midnight.

"Good. Have fun."

Blaire opened the door and walked in. We all joined. We walked down a hallway where some couples stood chatting. We were heading for the door at the end of corridor. I noticed that there were pictures of boys hanging on the walls of the hallway. Surely the sigma babies.
Just as we approached that door, someone on the other side opened it. It was an older guy. Surely year three.

"Rick!" Blaire and Lou smiled at him. He smirked in return. He was quite attractive. He had glassy grey eyes. A strong jawline and that sexy movie werewolf kind of vibe to me.

 A strong jawline and that sexy movie werewolf kind of vibe to me

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"Hey Blaire." he kissed her cheek, "...Lou" he did same to her. Then he looked at us behind.

"The babies?" he asked.

"Yeah." Blaire turned to us, "Girls, this is Rick. Leader of this fraternity."

He approached us and then gave each of us a kiss on the hand. As he did this, he stared into each girl's eyes. The other girls would either blush, giggle or shyly avoid his look. Pff!

Being last in line, he took my hand and kissed it too. He stared straight into my eyes. I stared back, unaffected or whatsoever, as expressionless as ever.

He smiled and stepped back. Then he turned to Blaire.

"This one's tough." he stated, amused.

"Yup. We all noticed."

He looked at me and stepped back.

"Before wasting any more time, ladies, go in and have fun."

"Right." Lou replied and walked through the door. We followed them in.

I was surprised. The house was full. Partying! Drinks! Madness and dancing everywhere!
I could barely see as people flooded all space.

We were in the huge living room where all furniture had been pushed aside or removed. There were people in every part of the house.
Everyone parted to have fun in his/her own way.
Great. What was I supposed to do now?

I noticed that some people were dressed the same. Surely the newcomers of the other groups.
I slowly made my way through the rowdy crowd, looking for where to settle.

After searching and searching, I spotted a couch in a corner. I went to it and sat down with three other people on it. A kissing couple and a dead drunk, sleeping guy.
I sat at the couch's end and ignored them.

I watched the dancing crowd.
Everything was crazy.

At one part of the house, there was a drinking competition as a guy was asked to drink as much beer as possible, his head upside down.
I wasn't a club person. Or party person. Even back in Brownsville I didn't like going for parties.

That wasn't all, some people were just in underwear. Both boys and girls! Yup, some girls had no bra.
I noticed a group of three boys dressed the same. They had white sweats with hoodies on, black jeans and white sneakers. Written across the front of their sweats was:
'Sigma Chi'.

They were some of the sigma babies. I noticed other guys with the same outfits.
I started looking around and then I saw something that made me laugh a little.
Whenever any frat baby passed by, a group of senior year guys would catch him and throw him in the air and then throw him on the dancing people. The last guy they chose, from a different frat group, landed on a group of drunk girls, causing them to all fall.
I chuckled a little. Luckily they didn't do that to the girls. I'd grow mad.

I continued to watch them attack the newcomers. I chuckled when I saw them pick a sigma baby and throw him in air to his surprise. He shouted and the seniors laughed. I couldn't help it but laugh too. It was really funny. They continued to fling him into the air, threatening to throw him somewhere.

"ONE!..."  they began counting.

"No! NO! PLEASE!" the boy shouted through the loud music and people laughed.


"NOO! PLEASE!" he shouted afraid, though he laughed at the scary game.


And they flung him mercilessly.


I was laughing but stopped when I noticed they'd flung him in my direction.

I screamed a little and covered my face with my arms, afraid and expecting the heavy guy to land on me.

To my relief, I felt him heavily land at my feet, his head hitting my lap. He was lucky. What if he'd hit a table or something hard?

Laughing a little, I sat up to see the boy's face.
He sat up, rubbing his back in pain.

"Ouch..." he mumbled, frowning with his eyes closed tight.
I recognised him. It was the rich kid.


I tried to frown but I couldn't. It was still too funny and so I just managed a little smile.

He opened his eyes and stared up to see on who's feet he'd landed.
When he recognised me. He reddened and quickly stood up. I tried my best not to burst out laughing. But it was clearly written on face that I wanted to laugh so bad.

"Go ahead. Laugh it all out." he stated, with a shy smile.

Unable to take it any longer, I laughed. Then I looked up at him.

"With that back pain they just gave you, I think you need a drink." I said, amused.

He smiled.

"Yeah. Probably. For laughing at me, how bout we go get drinks together."

"Why not. I have nothing to do here anyway." I stood up and followed him to the house's backyard.

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