I'll Never Grow Up

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Ok. So, I watched ROTG and really liked it. Because of this i'm gonna write a love story. This is my first story, so don't judge and we'll just see how this goes. WISH ME LUCK! :)
Ps. I'll think of a better title later...

(Y/N) = Your first name
(L/N) = Your last name
(F/C) = Your favorite color
(F/N) = Your friend's name
(H/C) = Your hair color
(H/L) = Your hair length
(E/C) = Your eye color
(B/N) = Bully's name

I was sitting in class, waiting for the bell to ring. School was always SO boring. You wake up, get dressed, go to class, learn, get homework, and repeat for four more days in a row. What a drag...
I was in math at the moment. Listening to the teacher drone on about probability made me want to just fall asleep. The falling snow outside was WAY more interesting. I have always liked the snow. Its always so peaceful and calming. It reminds me of Jack Frost. I know, i know. You're probably thinking i'm crazy, but there are so many mysteries to this world. Why wouldn't he be real. When I was little my mother used to always tell me stories about him. While I was lost in thought, I heard the bell blare.

"FINALLY!" I thought, and ran out the door. I walked to my locker, packed up my belongings and stepped outside into the cold, crisp air. I was walking home admiring the sparkling snowflakes. I was only a few steps away from my house when, suddenly I was pushed down to the ground. I already knew who it was.

" Well, well, well. Look who it is. The girl who still believes in myths." (B/N) sneered.

"What do you want, (B/N)?" I spat back. She pulled me up by the collar of my jacket and got in my face. "You know exactly what I want." She threw me back to the ground. Hard. Ouch.

"You are such a child! GROW UP!" she yelled. Then, I saw a giant blue flash of light hit (B/N) sending her back a few feet. She screamed and ran away. What got her so scared? I propped myself up with my elbows and looked at the sight before me. Darkness was the last thing I remember before everything went blurry.


So, how'd you like it :) Jack will be introduced in the next chapter. Keep reading!:)-Kandygirl263

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