Chapter Twenty-Seven: Adjusting

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Staring out of the window at the rain, Gabriela couldn't help but think about the last time that she had been here; it felt like an age ago when it had been only two months and her entire life had been turned upside down.

It had been a couple of days since she had arrived in La Push and Gabriela hadn't really left the Black house since she had arrived; she felt unprepared to face anyone right now after what had happened.

Emma had popped in to see her the day before and her friend had encouraged her that everything was going to be okay and no matter what had happened Daniel would want her to be happy.

Things had been rather quiet since they had come back and Gabriela wished that she had some idea about what was going to happen; she felt in the dark about everything and it frustrated her.

Billy had been nothing short of wonderful since she had arrived at his home, the two didn't really talk about much and it allowed Gabriela the time to process what had happened.

The first morning that she had been here, Gabriela had gotten up and cooked breakfast; she had wanted to do something that would occupy her time while she was here.

Gabriela sipped on her coffee, she felt useless and she needed to snap herself out of this funk that she had found herself in since Daniel had died.

She was growing tired of people feeling like they needed to walk on eggshells around her and she wished that there was some way to prove that she wasn't going to break down if people talked to her.

The hospital had given her a couple of months off to wrap her head around what had happened and Gabriela knew that there was every chance that she would be here for a while until the vampire was dealt with.

"Any plans for today?" Billy asked looking up from the newspaper, he could see how bored Gabriela seemed and he was sure that it would get easier; she just needed to find herself something to do.

There was only so much she could do in the house and Billy was sure that it would be better if she found something to occupy her time; he was surprised that none of the pack had showed up to check on her.

Emma had been the only person to come to the house to see Gabriela and even then, she hadn't stayed long since she had plans with Embry; she was quick to adapt to the situation that they found themselves in.

"I was thinking about going to the beach," Gabriela murmured doubting that there was much else she could do, she didn't have a car so she couldn't exactly go far without one.

There wasn't really anyone that she wanted to bother to drive her someone, she didn't know a lot of people here anymore and she felt a little out of the loop.

Billy nodded his head at her plan, it was better than sitting around doing nothing and he was sure some fresh air would do her good even if it was raining outside.

He was surprised that Jacob hadn't shown up to see Gabriela or even to check in on his own father; Billy wondered what was going through Jacob's head right now, he had tried to hide how relieved he felt about the fact that things had ended between his son and Nessie.

He had tried to like the girl that his son had been dating, however he was unable to ignore the fact that for some reason Jacob had imprinted on someone who should be his natural enemy.

The closeness that Jacob still shared with Bella also had worried Billy and he hoped now that he wasn't with Nessie anymore that Jacob would get his own happy ending one day.


Walking along the beach, Gabriela couldn't help but think about how different it was to the beaches that she had walked on in California; she found herself glad that she could walk here without people staring at her.

The beaches were often crowded and the last thing that Gabriela wanted was for people to watch her every move; it was annoying and she was doing a lot better now.

Gabriela had called her parents to let them know that she had arrived safely, she was glad that they didn't try and convince her to come back; the last thing that Gabriela wanted was for them to be in danger.

There was no telling just why the vampire had targeted Daniel, the vampire had acted quickly and there was no telling if they would turn their focus to Gabriela yet.

The pack had no idea just what would happen next and they were just waiting to make sure that it was safe before they allowed Gabriela to return home.

Thoughts about the last few weeks filled her mind and Gabriela wondered just what would happen when she returned home; she didn't feel like California was her home anymore.

The future that she had always thought about had been what she had wanted with Daniel, he was gone and now none of that made sense to her and she needed something new.

Gabriela had no idea what she would do next with her life and she feared that she was going to back-slide or something; she wanted to move forward with her life.

"Gabby?" called a voice making Gabriela snap out of her thoughts, she turned around to see who was calling her to find Jacob approaching; she was a little surprised that he was approaching her.

They hadn't parted on the best terms since Daniel had been there to drag her back to California and she hadn't had her chance to speak with him about what had happened.

Jacob had been quiet since his relationship had ended with Nessie and Gabriela could only imagine what he had been going through at that time.

"Hi," Jacob greeted softly, he had been surprised to see her out of the house and he was glad that she wasn't shutting herself away; he had been meaning to come and see her to discuss what was going to happen but something had come up.

Things had been busy since they had last seen one another, Jacob had found himself having to deal with the Cullens more than he would have liked.

Carlisle had been the one to call after Jacob had returned from his trip with Gabriela, he had expressed his concern about how sad Nessie had been when she had returned from seeing him.

The rest of the family had been thrilled with the news that Nessie would finally be able to be with the person that she was meant to spend the rest of her life with.

"Hi," Gabriela replied offering him a small smile, she waited for him to catch up with her before she started to walk again; it wasn't raining too badly and she was glad that it was calming.

The two of them were silent for a moment while they thought about everything that had transpired since they had last seen one another.

Jacob looked at Gabriela, she seemed to be handling what had happened rather well and he hoped that things were going well for her; he had no idea how to express his condolences for what had happened to her.

He hadn't liked what he had seen of Daniel but that didn't mean that he didn't feel for Gabriela; she had been with Daniel for five years and now he was gone.

"I'm sorry for your loss," Jacob murmured not knowing what else to say, he didn't want to upset Gabriela and he was sure that she would rather think of something else.

Gabriela didn't say anything, she doubted that it would be the last time that she heard it.

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