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A/N: I'm thinking of ending this story in the next few chapters. I believe that it has had a great run and I have huge plans for the next few chapters! allie x

"Are you sure they'll like me?" Mila whined, adjusting the straps on her dress for the millionth time.

"Positive." Harry reassured her, catching her shaking hands in his as he clamped down lightly on her shoulders. "Calm down, baby. It's just my Grandparents."

"But what if they don't like me?" She whispered. She could picture it already—A tiny woman, shorter than Mila, with snow white hair and a thick British accent saying things like; "

Oh Harry, what about Maliya? She was a lot prettier than her..."

"Do I want to know what you're thinking?" Harry questioned, pressing a firm kiss to her boney shoulder.

"No." Mila replied. She knew how Harry would react if she even mentioned Maliya, so she kept her thoughts to herself.

"Our first night in London and you're dragging us to Surrey to spend the evening with your Grandparents—" Louis complained, adjusting the collar on his dress shirt. "Do I look alright? Got to look good for my girlfriend." He cheekily stated.

Louis absolutely adored Harry's Grandmum. Maggie and Edward were Jennifer's parents, and up until William's incident, they'd visit Arizona twice a year. They stopped visiting for good reason.

"Girlfriend?" Mila raised an eyebrow as she took Harry's warm hand in her clammy one.

"He's got the hots for my Grandmum Maggie." Harry snorted, his mobile vibrating in his pocket. "Time to go."

"I won't deny it, the womans got style." Louis mused, earning a giggle from Mila. "I love me some Maggie Bern."

"Bern?" Mila questioned.

"They're my Mum's parents. Her maiden name was Bern."

The three of them exited the motel room, which held two queen-sized beds and a mini-fridge. They'd only be staying four days, but would not be spending much time in the room at all.

The air smelled different here, Mila had noticed. The second she stepped off the plane, it was evident that she was no longer in America. She hadn't traveled much as a child, and never left the country.

Their hotel was several miles down the road from the Big Ben, which was just as elegant as it was in photographs. The sun had set thirty minutes prior, leaving the city illuminated by artificial lights.

"How far to your Grandparents?" Mila wondered, climbing into the rental car. As soon as she settled into her seat, she realized that the steering wheel was in front of her.

"I take it you're driving?" Harry teased.

Shit. She'd completely forgot that the wheel was on the opposite side of the car, unlike the left side in America.

"I probably shouldn't. I'm not sure how to drive backwards." She teased, removing herself from the seat and skipping around to the other side. Louis climbed into the back seat.

"With traffic, it'll probably take us about an hour." Harry stated, starting the engine and strapping his seatbelt. Every little thing he did was absolutely mesmerizing.
Maggie and Edward's home resembled that of a small cottage. It was tucked away in a set of large trees, accompanied by a gorgeous garden that lined the pebbled sidewalk that lead directly to the front door.
"They can be a bit overwhelming," Harry stated. "Don't be alarmed."
"I come from an extremely overwhemling family," Mila grinned. "I think I'll be fine."
Just as the trio removed themselves from the vehicle, the bright baby blue front door swung open to reveal a tiny, old woman with hair as white a snow and a face full of deep, creased wrinkles. She wore a petite periwinkle dress with white polka-dots, covered slightly by an off-white apron that read; Kiss The Cook.
"She shares your apron obsession, I see." Mila whispered in Louis' direction, earning a chuckle from the boy.
"Technically, I stole the obsession from her."
"HARRY! LOU!" Maggie Bern cheered, her voice laced with a thick, raspy British accent. Her arms outstretched, welcoming the tall boy into them.
Harry bent over nearly halfway in order to envelope the small woman into his arms.
"Hello, Grandmummy."
Louis went next, his shorter stance making it easier for Maggie to wrap her tiny, frail arms around his shoulders as she planted a loud kiss to his cheek, leaving behind evidence of bright red lipstick.
Her eyes darted in Mila's direction, what remained of her eyebrows raising in wonder.
"Which of these lovely boys are you with, Miss?" She sang.
"Harry." Mila confidently replied, her gaze flickering in his direction. A broad smile was plastered on his face, one so large that his dimples made an appearance.

"M'boy," Maggie snickered, glancing backwards at her grandson. "She's a beauty! Come, come!" She waved, pulling Mila into a tight hug.

"Grandad's in the kitchen finishing up the homemade mash," Maggie explained as she lead them into the cottage. It was dimly lit, only by a few oil lamps and a dim bulb that hung loosely from the ceiling. The small home was crammed, packed tightly with old, flower-printed furniture. It smelled of tobacco and old people.

A small, box television sat on a wooden hope chest, with reruns of the black and white picture "I Love Lucy" displayed on the screen.

"It's all they ever watch, I swear." Harry mused, his lips tickling Mila's ear as he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, following closely behind Grandmum Maggie.

The kitchen was small and dingy, with yellow and white tiled floors and off-white cabinets. An older man, with a hunchback and bright white hair stood in front of the counter, portioning mashed potatoes into a large green bowl.

"Edward, company has arrived." Maggie announced.

The old man spun slowly on his heel, his black, beady eyes widening in awe when they came in contact with Harry.

"Harry! Louis!" He exclaimed, his lips curling into a tight grin. "Bring it in, boys!" His arms outstretched as he wobbled across the floor and into Harry's arms. Harry practically dwarfed the old man, who chuckled in his Grandson's embrace.

"Whose hungry?" Maggie questioned.

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