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3rd person P.O.V

Hara's eyes widened as soon as Jin finished telling her what happened. She suddenly became worried for Hyemi. What if those people do something to her? Kaori was standing in the same room as them and was even more shocked.

"This is all my fault" Kaori said grabbing her head. "My father is going to kill her if I don't go back" She said.

"You're not going anywhere" Namjoon said entering the room. Hara walked up to the window and stared at the sky thinking how Hyemi was doing. The blonde glared at her mate.

"I have to"

"I won't let you" Namjoon said in his alpha tone.

"Listen, I'm not going to let 2 mates be separated because of me" She said confidently. Everyone was surprised to hear her reply. No one ever spoke back to the alpha when he used his tone. Maybe it was because she was the luna.

"We're going to get her back and-"

"Guys!" Before Namjoon could continue the argument Hara cut them off. She was staring at the opposite direction from where the sun was setting. Everyone moved to look at her, curious about what news she head.

"What?" Namjoon asked impatiently.

"Look" She pointed at the moon, which had appeared before the sun could set. "It's a half moon..."

"So?" Jin asked so she could make her point.

"Tsk" Hara rolled her eyes at her husband then turned to look at the alpha. "That means it will be full moon in a few days"

"And your point is?" Namjoon asked earning a light slap on his chest from Kaori.

"My point is Mr.alpha" She dared to glare at him. "That Yoongi gave Hyemi the mate mark about a week ago which means that at full moon both of them will go into-"

"Heat" Jin finished for her with wide eyes.

"Well shit" Jungkook said entering the room. He was eavesdropping and couldn't stop himself from saying it. No wants to deal with an angry Yoongi. And the black haired man being in heat without his mate would be so much harder to bear.

"What do you mean go into heat?" Mijoo spoke up catching everyone's attention. She was sitting quietly in one corner traumatized by her best friend's kidnapping. The last time they talked, Hyemi was mad at her and now she was kidnapped.

Mijoo had no chance of apologizing to her and the thought of her being in a strange place all alone terrified her. She was listening to what the others were talking about quietly because she didn't feel the need to speak up. However, them discussing about 'heat' made her ears perk up.

"It's when they have to mate" Hara explained in simple words. She couldn't exactly discuss sex with so many people in the room and hoped that Mijoo got the meaning of mating. Going into heat meant wolves had to mate no matter what. If they weren't able to -which only happened on rare occasions- both wolves would go through a lot of pain in their lower abdomen.

Hyemi not being a wolf was an exception but no one really knew if she would show the signs of being in heat. They knew they had to bring them back together before they go into heat because Hyemi could get in danger of being raped as well as Yoongi flipping in pain and anger and most probably destroying the whole mansion.

"Why'd he even give her the mark so quickly?" Jin sighed, sitting down in tension.

Everyone's worry grew after getting Hara's news. "How long will it take for Yoongi to recover?" Namjoon asked breaking the tense silence.

"About a day since he's the beta and heals faster" Jin replied getting a sigh of relief from almost everyone in the room.

"And how long do we have before it happens?" the alpha asked Hara who seemed to be studying the moon once again. He was kind of embarrassed to say 'go into heat' because it was another term for 'having to fuck'.

"About 2 days" She answered noticing everyone's worry grow once again.

"Can't we attack them without hyung?" Jungkook asked referring to Yoongi. Namjoon quickly shook his head.

"Where is Jimin and J-hope? Call them to my office this instant" He commanded Jungkook, who quickly scurried away with a swift nod. The important people seemed to be missing when they were needed most.

Namjoon sighed, standing up to walk to his office when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to look at a worried Kaori. "Don't overwork yourself" She said comfortingly. Kaori was blaming herself for the whole situation and seeing Namjoon so worried, without the support of his beta and delta made her worry.


Kaori couldn't sit around and wait. She knew what her pack was like. It was filled with filthy brutal people who liked nothing but raping and abusing girls. This was one of the reasons she stayed with Namjoon, not having any intention of escaping. This pack was so much better. They all were like family and took care of each other.

Though nobody stopping Yoongi from hurting his mate was another matter, she thought everyone was so much nicer. She seemed surprised by the fact that they kept the actual pack hidden. Yes, Namjoon told her that the rest of the wolves lived in the city as normal humans. He could call them whenever he needed them as the alpha.

Namjoon told her that they had meeting here and there, where at least 400 wolves gathered to train and listen to their alpha. It was amazing how Namjoon managed to handle such a big pack at his young age.

The most important people lived in a mansion hidden in the forest. It was a good strategy. As her pack's alpha's daughter, she knew quite a lot about how they handled and managed things. If anyone tried to attack Namjoon's pack, they wouldn't know whom to attack. If they attack the mansion, then they'd be able to call for help and of course handle themselves.

She liked the idea how the alpha, beta and delta secluded themselves in a hidden area.

Kaori sneaked away from where all the others were making sure Namjoon didn't see. She was going to go back and get Hyemi back.


As soon as Kaori closed the door behind her, she ran to the first car she saw in the drive way. To her surprise it was a Ferrari of some sort. This was a good sign because she'd be able to drive away faster than a usual car and decrease the chances of Namjoon catching up to her.

It wouldn't take long for Namjoon to notice her absence. It's a wolf thing. They can smell each other from far away and if he notices that the smell is gone, he'll know she's gone.

She looked at the car keys in her hand that she stolen from Namjoon's drawer only minutes ago and took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing"

She drove out of the drive way and to thedirection of her father's secret hideout.

She drove out of the drive way and to thedirection of her father's secret hideout

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