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George stared at Ace across the alley way. How they always ended up in alleys, George would never know. It had been a few months since he met Ace. They were much better friends now but then again, George didn't really have friends.

He had people who he barely trusted who would eventually forget about him and leave him to fall off the face of the earth. Thats how it always is.

" Do you have the weed? " Ace asked.

George nodded and threw the bag over to him. It was mostly gone.

" Did you smoke it or sell it? " Ace asked curiously.

" Sold it..saved that bit for us..I'm out of my own weed, " George replied easily.

Ace nodded and handed him back the weed. George handed him half the money and they walked out of the alley.

" I want you to meet a few of my friends..they're your age, 17 and 18. "

Whatever, " George shrugged.

George didn't really care. He never did. Ace grabbed his arm and tugged him in a random direction.

" The younger one is Adam..he's a bit shy so you'll like him. He doesn't sell for me. " Ace mumbled as we walked.

They turned a corner onto an empty street and George began to roll a spliff. He stuck my tongue out slightly as he concentrated on not dropping weed.

" And the other one? " he asked.

" Ross, " mumbled Ace, " he's a sweetheart. Couldn't hurt a fly..the third guy is Matty but you won't meet him today. "

The name peaked George's curiosity, " Why not? "

" He's never around. Why does it matter to you anyway you hate meeting people. " Ace replied easily.

" If I hate meeting people then why are you taking me to meet your friends. "

George had stopped walking. He placed the spliff between his lips and watched Ace.

Ace stopped and turned towards George, looking up slightly.

" You need friends and I'm supplying them. Believe it or not Georgie boy you're very likable, if a little quiet. Maybe you just haven't found the right people to be friends with. " Ace said softly.

George bristled at his words and began walking quickly, " You don't know the real me Ace. You just know my shell. "

They continued to walk. Ace never replied to George's words and George didnt repeat them. They finally made it to a house, Ace's house. Two guys were waiting outside. George guessed they were probably Adam and Ross.

One had brown hair that was pretty short and the other had blond-ish hair that was slightly longer.

" Ross, Adam, this is George. "

George nodded at them struggling to light his spliff. Ace groaned and turned, flicking his lighter in George's face causing him to jump. George looked up with a blush but then quickly scowled at the older man.

" Play nice kid, " Ace grumbled.

" Like you're one to talk, " George huffed under his breath.

He passed the spliff to Ace and looked up at the two guys, offering an awkward half smile.

" 'Lo...'m George.. " he said softly.

" I'm Ross, " said the brown haired one, " and this is Adam, " he gestured to the other guy.

George nodded and Ace led them inside the house. George hesitated at the door.

" Well c'mon then Georgie I'll give you the weed you paid me for earlier and you can have a snack or summat, " Ace said.

George sighed and stepped into the familiar house that he hated so much. It wasn't really the house, but rather the hospitality that came with stepping into someone's house.

He didn't want someone waiting on him or making him food. He wanted to be home ignoring everything with the curtains drawn and a bong.

" George? " he heard someone say.

" Huh? " George looked up. Ace handed him the bag and frowned.

" You alright? "

" Er yeah just tired, " George replied.

George and Ace both know that wasn't the truth. George took the joint back from Ace and smoked it, blowing thick smoke out through his nose.

" I'm gonna go home.. " George murmured.

" Don't you wanna stay? Watch a movie? " Ace asked.

He seemed disappointed that George didn't want to hang out.

" I need to take care of my mum know that "

Ace in fact did know that hut he didnt want to bring it up since he knew how sensitive the topic was with George.

" Er okay I'll see you later yeah? " Ace asked softly.

George didn't reply, he simply put the spliff between his lips and left, ignoring Ace's sigh.

George walked home, feet scuffing against the ground as the world grew dark around him. When he mad it home he felt a sense of security rush over him.

" are you? " he called out.

" George! Love c'mere " his mother called out.

Her lovely voice calmed George instantly. He stepped into the kitchen and smiled at his mother. She looked okay but he knew she could have a fit any moment. That's what her cancer does to her.

" Hello does a cup of tea and a big hug from your mum sound? "

George held back tears, " I'll make us tea mum you relax. "

" I can do it! Sit down you look tired...those new friends of yours wasting all your precious energy? " she said with a giggle.

George chuckled weakly, " Yeah I suppose. "

George had some tea with his mother and talked to her about his day, excluding the drug dealing bit. He took her up to bed and then went into his room, locking the blue door and flopping down into his bed.

He pulled out a pad of sticky notes and began writing little quotes, sticking them up around his bed in various places.

George began to grow tired so he lay down and closed his eyes, allowing his body to succumb to sleeps sweet embrace.

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