3rd person P.O.V

"NAMJOON HYUNG!" Jimin shouted as soon as he saw Yoongi. The black haired man was tattered apart. He had fresh and bloody gashes all over his body and his face was bruised up. Blood spilt from his wounds making Jimin wonder how Yoongi was even alive.

Namjoon and Jin rushed to the scene with their eyes wide. "What the..." Namjoon was speechless. He had never seen his beta in such a state. He wasn't expecting an attack this early.

"What are you doing just staring? Help me bring him in" Jin commanded quickly going to his doctor mode. Jimin bend down and put one of Yoongi's arm around his shoulder while Namjoon did the same to the other. They helped him reach the nearest bed where he collapsed, breathing heavily.

"What happened?" Jungkook came in, worry in his eyes. He looked around and his eyes grew wide. He studied Yoongi's injured body then started looking for someone else. "Where's Hyemi?" He asked causing Yoongi to wince and glare at the ground.

"Get out. Let me patch him up" Jin spoke with a stern voice and shooed all the people away. He took out his first aid kit while Yoongi gritted his teeth in pain, glaring at the ground. He kept thinking about how Hyemi was taken away from him.

How he let them take her away. How he couldn't fight back even though he's the beta of the most powerful pack in Korea. How she cried for help. He felt his heart ache at being so far away from his mate.

"Ow" Yoongi yelled as soon as Jin touched his wound with an anti-biotic. Jin ignored his words of protest and cleaned his wounds with a serious expression on his face.

"They took her away" Yoongi spoke glaring at the ground. It wasn't the wounds that were hurting him put the pain in his chest. It was rare for him to feel like this.

"You'll be able to bring her back" Jin said calmly. The eldest boy was known as the eomma of the pack. He looked out for the others and took care of them, making sure they're always healthy and happy. The others always came to him for comfort and Yoongi speaking to him like this wasn't a big deal.

Jin had seen worse.

"She screamed at me to save her..." Yoongi trailed off, thinking of how she helplessly fainted as soon as the man out the cloth on her mouth.

"I know" Jin said. He had figured out what had happened and was worried how Yoongi would react. If they didn't get Hyemi back as soon as possible, Yoongi would flip. Everyone already knows he loses his temper easily and if his mate was taken away from him, he would go crazy.

Namjoon entered the room when Jin finished bandaging Yoongi's wounds. He sat down in front of the black haired man and stared at him. "This is all your fault" Yoongi said with gritted teeth as he moved his head to glare at the brown haired man opposite him.

"If you had returned that girl to Akamatsu, they wouldn't had taken Hyemi away" He said. He wanted to go to Namjoon and punch him in the face but knew he couldn't do that because 1: he was the alpha and 2: he was too weak to do it.

"So you're saying this is Kaori's fault?" Namjoon asked calmly. He was used to Yoongi getting angry and blaming other people for absolutely no reason.

"Precisely" Yoongi stated.

"If you were in my place, would you return your mate and live far away from her?" Namjoon asked, making up a logical argument. Being aggressive in this situation would only give Yoongi the more reason to fight back.

Yoongi looked away thinking of a reply. "I would've told her father that we're mates" He said. "If you could have found out a way to make up with his pack, maybe this wouldn't had happened"

"I don't get why they had to kidnap Hyemi" He spit out and grabbed his head in frustration.

"They saw a chance for revenge and took it" Namjoon said simply. He was feeling guilty that his friend had to suffer because of him but knew he would find a way to get Hyemi back. Namjoon didn't know what it felt like to be separated from a mate so decided to shut up and discontinue the argument.

"I promise we'll get her back" He comforted his friend, standing up to leave. "Get some rest and recover so we can discuss the plan" He said and left, closing the door behind him.

Yoongi sighed and leaned back because he was exhausted as hell and knew he would need the energy to get his precious girl back.

"I'll save you little lady" He said to himself and closed his eyes.

"I'll save you little lady" He said to himself and closed his eyes

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