I had made it to school, the well-known hellhole that it is. I am lucky that I am graduating a month early because I am an advanced student. I have worked my ass off to get into an Ivy League college and there is no way I was backing out on it and because I was getting early admissions, I have a part-time job down at the mall at Hot Topic.

I had made it to my class and Mrs. Grenada started to do roll call.

"Ben Wegner?" she asked.

"Here." Ben replied.

"Nick Straley? Nick?"

It was common here in Clark County. People would go missing and nobody would have their whereabouts.

"Courtney Frank?" she asked.

"Here." she replied.

"Adam Johnson? Adam?" she called out.

I turned to Adam's empty desk after hearing him not call out. I find it kind of strange because Adam is too much of a goody-two-shoes to even skip classes and he also has a perfect attendance record.

"Katie Brewster?" she continued. "Here." I said and roll call continued and class eventually began. I was walking to my next class and I felt something smack my ass. I turned and of course, it was Mark and Ben. Mark was looking at me with a smirk and I punched him across the face and I headbutted Ben and it was ending up with me getting Mark into a submission hold that is like AJ Lee's Black Widow. "Here's the thing you need to learn, you want me, you gotta earn me." I growled as I let go of him.

"Fuck you, Brewster." Mark wheezed out. "Asswipe." I said as I walked away. People knew not to mess with me because of my short temper. I went up to my locker and beside me was my best friend, Edward Lee, or Evil Ed. "I need to talk to you and Charley." Ed said as he dragged me along towards where Charley is.

"What is it, Ed? I need to be in class in about less than 3 minutes." I said. "You know Adam's missing, right?" Ed asked. "What do you mean, Adam's missing?" I asked. I could see how Ed would think that Adam would go missing, but I think he's taking that conspiracy theory to the extreme. "I keep trying him. No texts, no phone calls, nothing." Ed said. "Ed, you know he's not the only one that is gone." I said. "Kids aren't coming to school. It happens all the time." Charley said, carelessly. "Adam is too much of a goody-two-shoes to skip class and you know that. Remember the surgery he had?" I asked. Adam had surgery to remove his tonsils and he was supposed to stay home, but he didn't listen and still went to school anyway. "So, what do you want me to do about it?" Charley asked. "Just meet me at Adam's house. We'll check around and see if he's okay." Ed said. "I can't. I'm sorry. I'm busy." Charley said. "With who? With your new best friends, dumb and dumber, your stereotypical blonde girlfriend or both?" I asked, chuckling humorlessly. "Katie..." Charley started. "I'll meet you over by Adam's house. I might be a little late because I work a late shift." I said, walking away to class.

The day has gone by quickly and I was on my way home because I have to change into my work outfit. After hours of working when it was almost quarter to eight, my shift is up. I had made it up the driveway as the iconic lyrics of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is coming out of the stereo. I took my key out of the ignition and I got out of my car. "Katie, come and meet our new neighbor." I heard my mom call out. I looked over and my mom was with a man who has dark brown hair and he seemed really pale. I couldn't tell if his eyes are a coal black or a very dark shade of brown. He is also very tall, considering the fact that I made it up to his shoulders.

"Katie, this is our new neighbor..." my mom started but the man cuts my mom off. "Jerry Dandridge." the man said. I have one thing to say, Jerry is very charming. "Katie Brewster." I said as I shook his hand. The three of us exchanged some small talk and then Charley and Amy came up to us.

"Jerry, this is my son, Charley, and his...I don't know. Do we say girlfriend?" my mom asked. I smirked at Charley's discomfort. "Hi. I'm Amy." Amy said. "Hey, Jerry." Jerry greeted. "Nice to meet you." Amy giggled. "So, Jerry is our new neighbor at the Perry place." my mom explained to Charley. "And he's handy." my mom added. "No kidding." Amy agreed. "Ah, images I can't get out of my mind." I said. Jerry gave me an amused smirk and I rose an eyebrow at him.

Isn't he like a lot older than me?

"I'm sorry about the mess, Charley. I was just saying to your mom and sister I'll have the dumpster gone by tomorrow." Jerry explained to Charley. "It doesn't bother me. My mom was..." Charley started but was cut off by my mom. "Jerry does night construction on the Strip." my mom said, not wanting to get embarrassed by Charley.

"You play ball? I'm always looking for a pick-up game." Jerry explained. "Yeah, no, I do. Definitely." Charley said. I gave Charley a disbelieving look as Amy laughed. "I do." Charley said in defense. "It's more of a collector thing, the shoes. He's obsessed. They sleep on sidewalks to get them." my mom said. "I play, though." Charley said. 'Do you, though? Do you really?" I asked. "It takes a real man to wear puce. I like them." Jerry said. "So, I'd like to invite you guys inside, but it's a mess. I've been meaning to." he added. "Be neighborly." my mom muttered and Jerry nods in agreement. "A drink. Something." Jerry added. After a long awkward silence, Jerry spoke up again. "Soon." he said. "Yeah, you bet. And thank you so much with the help." my mom said. "It's the least I could do." Jerry said as he gave me one longing look and walked away.

My mom, Charley, Amy, and I are now walking towards the garage. "My God. Why did you blow him off?" Amy asked my mom. "Amy, come on. A guy that good looking still single? I bet he's a player." I said. "Nice, mom. Breaking it down." Charley said. "I've had enough man troubles. I am not getting suckered again." my mom said. Charley's phone went off and his eyes went wide. "Oh, man. I got to go." Charley said. "What?" Amy asked. "I'll call you later." Charley said as he kissed Amy's cheek and grabs me by the arm and drags me somewhere.

Geez, didn't he heard of dislocated bones?

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