Chapter 59

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|Monaé's P.O.V|

"What have I got to say bout all of this?" I smile sarcastically, pointing at myself before stopping in the middle of walking to the car, making sure all of the paps and press could hear me.

"THAT ITS NON OF YOUR BUSYNESS AND STOP TALKIN SHIT!" I shout, pushing past more cameras as my bodyguard Chris follows not far behind.

"Excuse me! Would you like to address any other situations that have been floating around!!!" another one asks, pestering me, pushing a microphone into my face as my blood boiled. That's when I knew I was bouta lose my cool.

"You know what!?" I stopped in my tracks finally having enough of avoiding the situation. Ive been doing this shit for two months now!.

"YES YES I DO...SO, I AM NOT! I REPEAT NOT! A CHEATER!" I start pointing at the camera.

"SECOND OF ALL..FUCK QUEEN LATIFAH, FUCK LIL KIM, FUCK ALL YOU PUNKS TRYINA JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON..FUCK YOU!" I shout before pointing to another camera. flipping everyone off.

"FUCK YOU!" I point at another

"FUCK YOU" I repeat myself

"AND FUCK YOU!" I do it again

"FUCK ALL OF YOU DISRESPECTFUL MOTHA FUCKAS! INCLUDING TUPACS PUNK ASS!" I scream walking over to another camera, at this point my self control was so low. There...they got it straight from the horses mouth now haven't they...

"IM STAYIN SUCKA FREE IN NINTY THREE!" I scream at everyone giving zero fucks at this point, I've bottled it up for too long.
But Just as I started to walk away from them and towards the car I felt one of the journalists grab my arm.

"ARE YOU HIGH?!" I shout slapping him in the face for grabbing me before punching a camera straight out of someone's hand for getting too close. I couldn't do anymore damage once I felt my bodyguard lift and pull me to the car.

"MONAÉ! STOP" he said trying to calm me down as I tried to escape his grasp. But ended up giving up as he put me into the back seat.

"FUCK!" I scream with rage that I just let that happen, kicking the car seat infront of me as I bury my head in my hands crying. Chris soon shuts the door as I feel more flashing lights through the window before we drove away...I just lost my shit on live TV.

|Tupacs P.O.V|

"FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, AND FUCK TUPACS PUNK ASS! IM STAYIN SUCKA FREE IN NINTY THREE" Monaé shouts into each camera. my heart felt kinda heavy after hearing her talk about me like that...I frowned and kept my eyes on the TV.

"She goin crazy yo!" one of my homeboys laughs but I stay quiet and watch the rest.

"ARE YOU HIGH?!" She shouts as a dude grabs her roughly by her arm, obviously trying to get more out of her when she had tried to walk away, my eyes shoot open when I see her slap the shit out of him. Making my homies go wild.

"DAMNNN" kadafi shouts as they all give eachother dap like this was some boxing match.

"Oh shit! Hold up hold up!" Someone else exclaimed as we saw monaé ball her fist and punch a camera straight outta someone's hand for putting it in her face..damn.

"FUCK ALL YALL!" She shouted one last time as Chris her body guard lifted her off the ground and escorted her to the car. The cameras soon got closer filming her through the window,
she sat there kicked the seat infront of her before she started crying, looking overly distressed...burying her head in her hands..I could just see her shoulders shaking as the car drove away....that's my babygirl' I thought to myself as I heart dropped just knowing I was a huge reason why she's going off the rails like this.

But she won't let me talk to her.




|Monaé's P.O.V|

"Honestly jerry I don't give a fuck!" I spat, on the phone to one of my executive managers.

"Monaé look...I know you're mad but this is important, you're one of the hottest artists at the can't fuck this all up for yourself" he said making me sigh. Taking a seat on my bed.

"I feel you...don't worry, imma be cool" I sighed rubbing my hand over my face, realising I shouldn't let these back stabbing motha fuckas ruin my career and shit.

"Good, just keep that in mind...but at the same time this has brought you a lot of publicity, have you seen the magazines lately?" He added making me roll my eyes.

"Don't even tell me about those stupid ass magazines. All those niggas do is lie" I sigh, obviously they've caught on about me and pacs breakup which is why I went so crazy earlier. And they've fuelled my beef with latifah to the maximum, latifah even tried to diss me in one of her songs?!.

"Look...just keep your cool okay?"

"Yeah yeah.."

|Tupacs P.O.V|

And wherever time will take us...
wherever we may be,
I always want you
to remember
how much
you mean to me.

Love from yo 4ever partna' ~Monaé aka your babygirl Xxx'

I read for the one hundredth time, I wiped away the few tears that where leaving my eyes as I took another hit of my blunt, sat on my bed.

I soon find myself Holding my head in my hands as I squeeze my eyes shut

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I soon find myself Holding my head in my hands as I squeeze my eyes shut. I really fucked up...

that's when I realised I had lost her for good, but I can't let that happen.

That was my babygirl man...sheit...she still is my babygirl!.

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