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{Jacob :}


I’m a  Junior at Beckon High School, a complete outcast, but in a good way. I'm the best player on our basketball team, team captain in the chest club and upcoming school president. You might think that's cool, but it's not as fun when you can't share it with some, and when I say that, I mean by a girl. A girl would  kill to be with a smart, athletic, half Mexican and Black guy with an accent to kill for, but girls here are different. They'll try to make their move on me ,but they only looking for one thing.

I'm basically living off of girls that I don't want but at the same time, at least I have my nine closest friends,Prodigy, Roc, Ray, Jason, Jashaun, Tayshaun, and Anthony. We were at our lockers checking out girls when I saw the most beautiful girl I laid eyes on.

Her name was Teira.

Her locker was right across from mines, when she stopped to put in her combination. I couldn't help but stare at her ample ass as her  black leggings fitting her hips perfectly, showing off her back dimples from her white/black #89 crop top & jean washed jacket.

I couldn't help but stare, just to suck in all the things I couldn't have from her. I always doubted myself when it comes to girls I really like and she was one of them.

I heard her locker slam shut as she held her book in her right arm walking down the all to her class. And of course I watched.

“Yo, Jacob if you like her so much why not just tell her how you feel besides staring at her like she’s a piece of meat tied onto a string.”

I was interrupted in my train of thoughts by my friend Ray, who leaned back on his locker next to mines fixing his bookbag that was wrapped around his shoulder. Ray had long braided pigtails who was pretty much know as an pretty boy like myself because of our hair. Ray is the type of guy you don't want to get on their bad side, he can be cool at times ,but when you mess up he cut you loose.

“Dude, I wasnt staring at her that bad,” I paused and thought to myself feeling a chill go down my spine as I felt Ray’s eyes glance at me. “ Was I staring that hard?”

He laughed, grabbed my shoulder walking me towards our first period class. “Listen my friend, if you like a girl that you’re really digging then why just ask her out?”

“I could mess up any time though.”

“So what? Just try again next time until you get it right.”

I looked down at my feet, and back up seeing  Jashaun and Tayshaun. They’re my little cousins, twin cousins who are juniors as well.

“Guess what?”, said Jashaun, twisting it mini curly afro looking at Ray and I.


“So today after basketball practice we all need to meet up at Pizza Hut. Tay and I thought it would be cool to chill with some girls there, and later hit up the movies”, Jashaun said.

I chuckled a little shaking my head no, “ I’m not going to no damn Pizza Hut on some damn date with a random groupie of yours.”

I can hear Ray snickered in my ear leaning his arm on my shoulder, as we walked passed them and laughed a little, but I stopped when I heard what Tayshaun called out.

“Teira will be there. I know how much you like her, so I invited her”, said Tayshaun, crossing his arms watching us turn to them once again walking up to them both.

“Look here Thing 1 and Thing 2, stay out of my love life, alright?”

“Love life? Wow, you love her and she barely knows you”, Jashaun laughed, playfully hitting Tay in the arm.

I mugged them heading back to our class which was Math. Ms.Dodson our teacher greeted us by the door as we sat in our seats. I saw Roc talking to Prodigy about tonight meeting at Pizza Hut.

“Tay and Jay told you guys right”, said Roc as Ray and I sat behind them, nodding as we pulled up our seats.

“I heard Teira’s coming”, Roc said smiling. “ Better get that before I do dude.”

“You that, best believe you won't see daylight ever again in you damn life”, I growled at him.

“Yo Homes chill”

I felt an arm slap my shoulder as I turned to see my friend Jason behind me with Anthony observed. Jason & Anthony are brothers, but Ant is a sophomore who take higher class level because his ‘gifted’ to be very smart than others so we’re stuck with him in most of our classes.

“Jason, I am more than calm. Its just ---”

“Alright Class today we’ll be talking about Triangles!”

Ms.Dodson cut me off with her lecture of class starting,I turned to face the class without thinking I spoke, “ What is there to learn? That’s first grade stuff.”

“Exactly, all we need to know is that they are Triangles that have three side. Done. See Ms.Dodson I just saved you the class unit about the topic”, said Jason as the class laughed at his remark.

“Well Jason, there’s more to that than three sides of course. Like finding the area, perimeter, base times height, and more but we’ll be talking about the types of triangles before we get to that. Now, everyone take out pen and paper for notes.”, said Ms.Dodson as she turned to face the chalk board writing the date.

After doing all the learning and taking notes it was about that time, which was basketball practice. I hear Teira was going to tryout to be a cheerleader which has their tryouts in the gym as well. When its the right time, I will ask her out. Its been too long since I had a girlfriend and I think I’ll have a shot this time.




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