Chapter 1

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AN: (Please read the prologue before reading this chapter.) ❤️

Ophelia POV 

" Wake up" I hear a soft voice say

I blink my eyes open and look up to see a young blond woman with a smile on her face.

" Hi, I'm Igrette" she says

" Ophelia Eckhart, Where am I?" I ask

" You're in the Blood Moon pack house. Well the pack house for the high borns at least." She says

He didn't kill me? He saved me? Brought me to his house?

" Why didn't he kill me?" I ask

" Who? " She asks

" Your Alpha," I say

She laughs " Who kills their mate? I don't think that's physically possible for a lycan"She says

" He killed my whole pack in a blink of an eye. I'm sure he could have managed."I say

" I'm sorry about your pack but it was done for a reason. Reasons you may not know. I'm not trying to justify him but it was done for a purpose." She says

" A purpose of killing people?" I ask

" A purpose for protecting and bettering this pack." she says

I look down " Why would the moon goddess do this to me?"'I say

" Give you a mate?" She asks

" A mate who is a murderer." I say under my breath

She sighs " I was once in your position." she says

" How so?" I ask

" Well, my mate is the beta of this pack. They destroyed my pack too. He found me in the basement and killed everyone in there but me. When he brought me here, I didn't want to look at him, talk to him, be more or less in the same room as him. It took a while but I couldn't resist him any longer. My wolf needed him. I needed him. Now we love each other more than life itself" she says

"How do you even get past that?" I ask

" I know its hard to believe but I accepted him for who he was. For the way he was born. The Alpha and his brothers aren't just regular werewolves. They need to kill to survive. The beast in them is powerful and suppressing it is not the least bit easy. Everyone who lives here is a monster, Ophelia. The sooner you accept that the easier it will be for you. Take it from someone who's been in your place" she says

I don't say anything, instead, I just nod

" Well I can imagine you're probably hungry." she says

She rolls a cart in

" I thought some breakfast would do you good. There are also some clean clothes on the nightstand and I ran a bath so you can freshen up. Maybe you and I can go for a walk later? I don't really have any female friends here. If you'd want to." she says with hopeful eyes

" Yes, of course, thank you for the advice. I'll try my best. It's just too much right now" I say my throat tightening

She looks at me sympathetically

" I understand. Just be open-minded. I don't think your life could get worse right now. Try and see the good in things. There's always a bit of light in the darkness" She says

I nod and give her a small smile

As soon as she leaves, I scarf down my breakfast and go to the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror and almost threw up at my appearance

I look crazy...

My hair is tangled and my eyes are baggy. Not to mention there is dirt all over my body.

I get in the shower and wash my hair and body. Stripping myself of the remains from yesterday.

Once I'm out, I brush my hair and put on the clothing that was left for me.

I debated staying inside but there was nothing to do and I became bored so I decided to explore.

The moment I step out of my room his smell takes over. All I could breathe in was his delicious scent.

I had no idea how to navigate around this palace of a house so I followed his scent hoping it would lead me somewhere other than this hallway but instead it led me into a huge wall.

Wait this is a person, why is my body tingling. I look up and there he is in all his gorgeous man glory.

I couldn't even breathe

" Watch yourself" he growls his expression blank

He walks around me and that's it.

Wow... so my mate is not only a monster but he also hates me already. How amazing.

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