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We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.




Present time

"Tessa, what are you doing here?"Blake entered the room and brought us back to reality

"When someone was busy in the Ian love world without thinking about our dear friend Eva, I thought of giving the little girl a company" Tessa brushed off the topic so that Blake won't ask any further question

"Now I'm back" Blake stated "so please no more gossips"

"I'm sleepy anyways "Tessa yawned "Talk to you later." she winked at me.

she walked to the door when suddenly she turned. Holding the outer handle of the door she leaned inside the room

"I heard the noise from Ian's room. Hope you don't have a hickey on your neck" she sang and instantly left the room. Blake threw the pillow towards the door but it was too late.I just laughed at this. While Blake turned all tomato.

"Good Night." she said and hoped on the bed. she pulled the mattress till the head to cover her red face

"Good night, Blake " with that I switched off the lights.

The next morning Tessa came to my room informing me that we are going out on a morning walk.

When we were about to leave,Ian spoke,

"Guys I just received a phone call from the coach about some last minute training camp we need to attend,so we have to cut short our plan from a weak to just 2-3days"Ian informs.

"But when is the camp?" Naksh asked in a bored tone,

"After 5 days" Ian replied in excitement.

"Is Warren and his team coming?" Adam questions, excitement building in his voice

" yup" Ian replies.

Warren is the captain of the rival team.i.e Valley Vista high. I heard from the boys that he is a player and a smooth talker.In spite of being the captain of the rival team the boys like each other, there is no hatred among them.East Rivera high and Valley Vista High were the biggest enemies when my big brother was the caption, but from the time Ian has become the captain, there were no fights. I haven't seen Warren yet, as he never came to our school and I never went to watch soccer match after my brother left the school.

I, Blake,Ian.and Tessa walked out of the house.
Adam just wanted to use his charm on the Danville girls so he joined us. Alina decided that she will cook breakfast and Naksh stayed back just to help her.

We walked out of the house together but Ian pulled Blake to him and went in the opposite direction.

Tessa and I smiled looking at each other because Blake was never a cheesy fan girl, when she liked him one-sidedly that time too she was calm and had full control over her emotions

"Man that guy is totally wiped," Adam said playfully.

any of us never had a problem with them being a couple because they never acted as one when all the members were around they just acted as best friends which they were. Which all of us are

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