Together Forever~Robstar~

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Chapter 15.

♥♥Starfire's Point of view♥♥

I can't believe that teen titans member is trying to make me believe that he is nice and Dylan is mean.!

I know he made me lose my memory. ..Dylan told me and why would Dylan lie?

Anyways I arrived to the wedding dress shop! When I entered i saw all those beautiful big, medium, and short dresses!

I was walking around then I hear a voice behind me...

"Hi! looking for a type a dress? "

"'m not sure what type of dress I want..." I said starting to blush of embarrassment.

"hmmm...I could go look for a dress that might fit you.."

"oh..yes please" I said smiling wide imagining what would my dress look like!

She came back with 5 dresses!

"okay dear try these on! let me know if you want other types of dresses"

"oh..okay thank you!"

I tried the first one looked nice it was medium and the color white with flowers in the top.It was pretty but it was not what I was looking for so i tried the next dress. It was short and kind of  yellow-ish.I did not like that one at all!! I tried the third one it was just perfect!! Medium, white, and had little diamonds on top that made it look 100% more beautiful! I did not try the othere two dresses because I found my dream dress..I called the lady she came and told me "oh good you found your dress! but we are not done yet my dear!"

"Where not!?" I said in a shocked voice!

"nope..we still need the shoes, vel (something brides put on the head...sorry am not sure if I wrote it right! :/)

and of course Jewelry!!" she said pulling me into a room filled with shoes!!

"oh they are wonderful! " i said putting my hands together and spinning around the room with a huge smile!

"Try all of the shoes you want!"

"oh..thank you..I will!"

I was searching and searching until I finally found the perfect pair of shoes! The were white with a diamond heart in the middle along with small diamonds in each side of the heart.It also had Diamonds in the heel of the shoe! It was so sparkly like the stars in the sky!

"Ms...I want these shoes please"

"oh..yes of course! Now it's time to find you a vel!"

When we finally found the perfect vel we went to the jewelry center and I got a necklace that had a cross with Jesus in it made a gold and a diamond errings!

"okay so...thank you for buying with us today!please come back soon!"said the lady smiling and waving good bye!

♥♥Robin's Point Of View♥♥

So I lost one true love is...gone...

Cyborg came in the Room seeing me all sad.

"Yo Rob! Are you okay?"


"aww come on dude! I know you are not! Now come tell old cyborg what's wrong. "

"I told you I'm fine!"

"Okay okay if you say so"

I walked to my room and started thinking about girl...well..actually Dylan's girl but let's just say she is mine...

Small note: Yes I know it is short and horrible!! I ran out of ideas idk how! I always have ideas !!ughhh >.


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