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"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

- C.S. Lewis




"Ís there any kind of problem to be a normal girl, live a normal life have celebrity crushes, hope to have a prince charming?"

"NO, it's definitely not! people try to demotivate others, laugh, bully and tease others, try to go ahead in life, they are not doing this on purpose. It's the competition from outer world that they are facing.everyone is fighting their own battles from a newborn baby to a dying senior citizen.Struggle, fight, emotions, strength is just some words to describe life."

These are the exact words which my grandma told me when I asked her that question on my 12th birthday.

Talking about emotions, let me tell you how cruelly my emotions were crushed by the people I am surrounded with.When I was a year old my attempts to walk were failed as my big brother Taylor always pushed me from behind so that I land on my front on the cold floor, but he loves me a lot to hurt me there would always be something soft placed on the ground like a pillow, soft toy or something my face to smash on.You must be thinking how the hell I remember something when I was just a year old.As they say, your childhood is something all of your family remembers but not you...DRUNK much? yes! you can say that..that's why all the embarrassing moments of your childhood are perfectly taped and captured so that parents can proudly show them to your friends or blackmail you using those pictures of when they need something from you.Can they be any sweeter? NOTE THE SARCASM.

GRADES and EXPECTATIONS are the two word that turns the life of an innocent girl into a marathon, EXAGGERATING MUCH but that's true when you enter school you are EXPECTED to get good GRADES,You are a girl that's why you are EXPECTED to play with a Barbie...given a choice I would have defiantly picked remote control car, wanted who would like to play with a plastic doll which is always the main heroine of any horror movie. Like come on, I have watched Annabella those plastic bitches walk at night and kill their owners cruelly.I didn't want to take any chance, so I did not purchase any Barbie, but as they say, the word EXPECTATION comes in the picture so some kitchen and doctor set was all I had.Taylor had those cool remote control toys which he uses to gladly flaunt in front of me. Did I tell you that my mom and dad are the best people? NO? well then let me tell you that they always support me in everything except studies. they can transform from sweet parents to the evil monsters in a split second just by using one word my GRADES as I said EXPECTATIONS AND GRADES screw a girl's life. Taylor always acted as a cruel big brother but deep down I know he always cares about me and loves me a lot. How do I know? on my 6th birthday I had received all the latest remote control devices from my aunts , uncles, grandma,grandpa, mom, dad, my close friends and my one and only best friend too, and till my knowledge my best friend, dad and brother only knew about my choices and never EXPECTED or suggested me to change it.Well, that night I discovered that all of my gifts were purchased by my superhero that is my dad, wrapped and labeled by Alina my best friend and replaced very cunningly by my big evil brother or you can say the mastermind of the plan and this secret was proudly narrated to me by Alina.I actually threatened her to spill it out, but in return, she threatened me to not tell this to anyone, as my brother would gladly bless her with slow and painful death.

About struggle, it never stops as I said, the STRUGGLE to grow up, to fit in, to live to the level of EXPECTATIONS last but not the least surviving high school. Being a girl was never a great thing for me in this society because of my choices.You can not call me a tomboy because I am not, not poor, not rich, not popular, not antisocial, not a nerd and nor beautiful everything about me scream only a single word "AVERAGE" everything about me was pretty normal, Alina doesn't accept that as she thinks I am abnormal but that's what you think about your best friend always and the reason is pretty normal too she knows everything about you which the world doesn't.

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