"If it's my fate, let it happen".

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Sana's crush for Susou intensified that she even imagined them getting married. Soon she found her scores going down and she was unable to concentrate on studies. Thoughts of Susou continued to flash all day. By virtue of her self control, Sana made a wise decision not to dream about Susou except for once or twice a day.

Sana replenished her scores and soon she was back into form. She did her final exams so very well. This time during the vacation, she planned to join the college where Susou was studying. It was the time for the exam results.

Sana was the topper of the school as usual. As she topped the State rank list, her parents and relatives wanted her to take up Medicine as UG course. Sana was not interested initially, as she was looking for atleast one out of a hundred chances to join Susou's college.

Then she made up her mind to study Medicine for the sake of her parents. She joined the college and found the course so very interesting that she thanked her parents everyday for guiding her into such a noble profession.

She was in the 1st year of college and her hormones were all in the peak, as it happened for every girl of her age

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She was in the 1st year of college and her hormones were all in the peak, as it happened for every girl of her age. Soon, Susou began to bloom in her thoughts.

But for this time, she din't speak of him to anyone. She was mature enough to collect details about Susou from his posts on social media viz Facebook, Instagram and so on. For then, Susou had grown nothing less than a celebrity, and had a lot of fan followers. No doubt Sana had always been one among them.

Sana was happy for Susou initially. Then she realized that it would be very hard to become THE SPECIAL ONE for such a celebrity. Her heart agonied. "If it's my fate, let it happen", thought she and tried to gradually withdraw her crush on Susou. She succeeded this time also. Not because of her self control, but her involvement into the time stealing service of Medicine. Five years passed by, and she is not Sana anymore...but Dr.Sana , with the tag MBBS following her name.

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