"take all your stuffs and leave,"

the thunder like voice roared across the house, along with my bags were thrown in front of me. "dad!"

i look at my dad who's standing at the staircase, along with his new wife and my sister, doyeon looking at me while smirking.

"but why?? where am i going to go?" i said, so close to cry. i just got home from a long, crappy day and suddenly being chased out of my own house.

"i don't know, maybe with your wild friends?? at that cheap bar??" he said, with an attitude that completely different from who he was.

"but you can't do this to me!"

"oh honey, he can and he just did." my stepmom voiced out. "we treated you so good, give you education and all you did is embarrass us. hanging out with those punks, graduated with such low grades and don't make me start with all that disgusting clothes and rotten language."

i clenched my fists and scoffed. "those people you called punks are my friends. and please, you're not even better yourself, you fucking gold digger."

"HAN SOYEON THIS IS YOUR MOM," my dad yelled. defending that snake.

"my mom is dead! that woman is not my mom and can't ever be anyone's mom," i look at him. ever since my mom was gone, my life is in a mess. dad got remarried with that woman, my sister who always hate me just being herself and finally my fucked up life reaches it peak today.


i don't want to cry anymore. i'm tired of being unwanted. i'm tired of being blamed for who i am, i'm tired of everything.

i pick my bag, my guitar case and walk to the door. from the side glances i saw the housemaid is looking at me, with a sad gaze that somehow comforts me.

at least i know someone still want me here. someone is sad that i'm leaving, though its someone that not my own family.

i dragged all the things to the front gate but stopped when i heard my sister, doyeon called me.

"give me that family bracelet," she said, arrogantly. "come on, you're not even the part of this family anymore."

why does she hates me so much? the question that has been playing in my mind for almost 23 years.

not wanting to waste my time, i give up and take off that white gold bracelet. i saw she's smiling and when i was about to give it to her, i asks, "is this want you really want? all this while?"

"isn't that obvious? that bracelet is mine and you are leaving. i've never been this happy." she chuckled. i shake my head, can't believe she was this childish. instead of giving that to her, i throw that bracelet somewhere else outside the gate.

"you bitch," her eyes widened. with this dry heart i turn around and opened the gate. but her fast hand caught my shirts.

"let go," i said.

"why are you so annoying?? why are you always got what that supposed to be mine?? why are you even exists han soyeon??!!" she screamed.

i let go off my things and slaps her, as hard as i could. i don't care if it leaves a bruise. i've suffered enough all this time.

"go to the basement for bleach, you need plenty of it."

i heard she's cursing and screaming, and i don't want to know the details of it. the only thing i have to think about now is ; what am i supposed to do with my life now?

i'm short of cash, and they probably canceled my cards already. i have nothing right now. sigh.

with all the energy i have, i go to the nearest bus stop. there's few people there, some of them  looking at me weirdly, secretly judging and some of them just don't even care about my existence.

i settled down my things and take out my phone, searching for contacts.

"hey, i need your help."

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