Chapter Eight (Beta Theta house)

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I packed all my stuff simply because they all fit into my traveling bag.
I left the dormitories and got into one of the campus shuttles.

"Where to?" the driver asked.

"Um, Beta Theta house."

We drove through the huge campus and soon we were in the fraternity/sorority quarters of the campus.
I saw all the different houses. Huge and really beautiful.

The driver soon pulled up in front of one of the houses. The Beta Theta house.
I got out of the shuttle with my bag, wide eyed and in awe. The house was as big as the others. Very very beautiful too.

I walked up the stairs to the front of the house and knocked. Brandis opened the door for me and I got in.
I was led to a huge and beautiful living room where the other girls, who were also chosen, sat.
I joined them.
Blaire and the four others were already there.

"Now that you're all here, before we start, you have to know all the senior Beta Theta sisters."

Fifteen other girls walked in, all chick and expensive in their uniforms. Five were in baby pink short sleeve shirts like Blaire and the other four. They introduced themselves. They were the other five year three members.
The ten others of course were the mid year girls. Their shirts were blue in color, matching their heels too. They introduced themselves.
I wondered what our own colors would be.

"Now that you all know the members,  The Blues (Year twos) would each show you your rooms." Blaire said.

"But first, you should know that you are not completely part of the Beta Theta. You all have to undergo a series of tests and assignments to earn your badges. For all those who don't do the necessary, you might be dismissed from here and easily replaced with another. You have six levels to undergo." Lou stated.

There was fidgeting. I remained quiet And just stared.

Brianna raised a hand.

"Yes, Brianna?"

"Uh...was the private interview the first level?"

"No. It was only a part."

There was fidgeting again.

Blaire stepped forward,

"As you all know, tonight's a big party for the reopening and also in honor of the freshmen."

"Yes." we all replied.

"Well, that's where the second part of your level one drops in."

Lou continued from there

"I know all of you here have beautiful dresses prepared ahead for the party."

Not me.

"Well, you won't be putting them. Tonight, we the Beta Theta will chose what you'll wear."

There was fidgeting and panicking again.
Another spoiled princess raised her hand.

"Yes, Evie?"

"Does this mean, we'll all be dressed same??" she asked, nervously.

Lou smirked.


The girls panicked even more. I wanted to laugh so bad. Sorry for all 'em' fashionova gowns.

"Silence." Lou ordered and everywhere was quiet, "Don't worry girls. It won't be that bad. Plus, every other fraternity and sorority will be doing same. Now, to your rooms."

That house was huge! With thirty rooms, ten bathrooms and toilets.
The room I was given was bigger than the dormitory room. It was even more beautiful.

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