Friggen Princess

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Willow's POV

I ran out of the room as fast as possible, tears streaming down my face.

Why did he have to remind me of that? WHY?

I ran faster, and with a burst of speed, knocked into something and fell down.

"W-willow?" Bridgette stuttered

I nodded and hugged her.

She softly smiled at me. "Honey..." She sighed

I lifted my chin and hugged her tighter.

" I can't breath" she said slowly

A heavy set of footsteps came to the other side of the hallway, and after catching Raven's glance, I ran away from him again.


Bridgette POV

Raven is a twat.

... and my shirt is wet


Raven POV


I shouldn't have asked her! I didn't think her answer would be something like that.

I've never seen her so serious before.

It must mean she's upset.

Oh, that thought never occurred to me. Thanks Claw.

I charged out the room, my black hair getting messed up.

I finally caught up to her, she was hugging Bridgette and crying, but then she lifted her head and saw me.

With a burst of lightning speed, she ran in the direction of Jacob's room.


Willow's POV

I ran fast, incredibly fast.

I eventually came across a corridor of doors. I opened one, to see two mates sucking faces. "Pass." I said

I flung another open in my rush and saw a girl stretching and trying to lick her butthole. "Wtf."

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