5.My First Crush..

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Indira's P.O.V

I just woke by something poking my nose.. I saw a beautiful pair of cute eyes.. Then I remembered everything.. My Son is poking me to wake up and indicating it's already 5pm.. Does any one believe me I turned from a normal girl into a mom without getting Pregnant that too within fraction of seconds..  Anyways I love babies a lot.. Especially my child Rohan.. Martin dare to keep my First Crush name to him.. Anyways I like the name Rohan.

There is no person who looks my face or eyes while speaking to me... It happens rarely if anyone has guts to speak that's it Martin will come in between and says I'm his Girlfriend.. Well he is my first high school crush  and last Crush too..Rohan died in an accident before I express him my liking towards him.. Then I cried for a month after that I got a lot of friends in boys but for me no one looks good in front of my eyes. I mean my first crush is not a handsome guy.. He is a average looking black guy not so black ,Indians are in every colour ,So it doesn't matter .. But for me what matters is his Character.. He is such an amazing person and a person of Principles.. He is not like those outstanding students  but he do his best.. He never flirts with girls like most others but he speaks normally..  I used to find some excuse to go to his class just to see him but I do have a friend in his class... He never noticed me once but I don't mind.. My father and his father are classmates.. So he used to come to my house when we were young... After my Parents death that too stopped.. only his father and mother comes to my home and visits me and Martin.. The next and the final year in school Martin and he became classmates and best buddies.. I got more chance to visit Martu class.. Martin doubts me sometime but i just used to smile and leave...  I just got some strength and gave him request in Facebook at 11 pm on the night before his 19th Birthday... After a good 50 mins he accepted my request..  I don't know how to initiate the conversation... That same day Martin also not with me.. He said he will stay in his friends house.. It's 11.58 pm and I searched a best birthday wishes from Google and sent him at 11.59pm and it was posted on his time line just a few seconds after 12 am.. He replied Thanks for my wishes.. I thought next day he will speak to me but no... He didn't even have me chocolate for wishing him . Though I wished in Facebook.. But later in the evening Martin got me my favourite Chocolate Cake ice cream... And I ate without giving him a single piece but he never asked for it.. So his fault right?..
Then my Second semester exam came and went quickly save for the last exam..  It's Economics for me and physics for both Martin and Rohan.. So according to roll number Martin sits in the first row and first column allotted for science students  and me in the  2nd row and 6th column allotted for Non science students.. I'm happy after this semester I'll get 2 weeks of holidays.. But I'm also sad because I couldn't not see Rohan.. So I waited for him to come.. he used to sit first row and 5th column just adjacent to my place.. He usually comes early.. But today the exam is going to start in few mins yet he didn't came...  But in the evening after few mins I completed my exam without interest everyone got the announcement of an boy died in a Car Accident, But when I heard his name my eyes were blind with tears.. I just run out of the School Campus as fast as I can... And Martin followed me and he dragged me to the car and we drove to a hill area nearby... He consoled me.. Finally i said  " He is gone.. Before I say my first word.. He gone Permanently before I say  I like him... He never noticed me but I noticed him all the single time...  I didn't even talk to him a single word facing him... " I said finally falling to my knees and started crying..
After an hour of crying he finally consoled me..  But what he said caught guard off me...

" He liked you too.. Whenever you go to his class he never fail to notice you.. When he used to visit you and your parents he always buy chocolates for you.. On his birthday I was with him, He just waited for your wishes before anyone.. That day you gave him friend request in fb he jumped like a mad man in bed..  After a few minutes he came back to senses and I asked him 'do you like my sister that much? 'He immediately stopped laughing and asked sorry so many times but later I said you also likes him.. And he accepted your request and after you wished him.. He immediately replied.. but he don't have guts to start a conversation with you.. I didn't compell him.. The next day he himself prepared your favourite Chocolate  ice cream cake and gave it to me.. That only you ate without giving me a single piece neither I complained.. I was happy because my sister got a good man to take care of her.. But i know before my exam he died in an accident but i asked the announcer to tell after exams because its affects his friends.. But i don't know what to do now.. You know what I too liked him like a brother to me... He was such a wonderful person I ever met.. But don't worry you will get your Prince who has a beautiful heart just for you'
Still I didn't forget that day...

I brought back to reality when my son poked his hands on my knees and cutely looking with his large baby eyes...

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