Walmart Hates Us

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Heyo! This is the only "short story" format of these little anecdotes I'll have on here the rest will be more like text-posts in order to keep them short. Enjoy! ~ Bri

My child sister and I were walking through Walmart in the Christmas section because TIS THE SEASON! When she suddenly disappeared.

I panicked instantly.

I searched every aisle in my vicinity until I heard the faintest sound of crinkling wrapping paper in the very last aisle and I just... knew.

I ran like Usain Bolt towards the noise dodging shopping carts and elderly women, but I wasn't quick enough. By the time I made it to Bug, she had wrapped herself from head to toe in golden glittery wrapping paper. I didn't know how to react because I thought it was absolutely hysterical, but I didn't want to let her think doing things like that was ok so i held in my laughter and just gave her my best scary big sister look.

I started slowly unwrapping the paper trying to make as little noise as possible so we wouldn't catch the attention for a staff member and have to pay for something we didn't need but Bug nearly screams:

"Don't take it off!"

"Bug, we don't need this. We're going to get in trouble and have to pay for it if we don't put it back-"

"Sister! I have to keep it on!"


"Because I have a math test tomorrow and I really I need you to mail me to the North Pole so Santa can bring me back on Christmas after my test is over."

I couldn't hold my laughter back anymore, I was just astonished that a 7 year old devised a master plan just to get out of taking a test on rudimentary multiplication that I had to stop myself from thinking 'why not let her keep it?'

But in doing so I did exactly the opposite of what I had previously wanted. A staff member came around the corner and caught my Christmas present of a sister in the act, and subsequently sent us to the check-out desk to have my mom intercommed to come to the back of the store.

Thankfully, my mom is pretty cool, and thought the whole situation was hilarious, but I still got in a bit of trouble for losing my sister.

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