Chapter 31 - From Here to the Mortal Realm

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Chapter 31 - From Here to the Mortal Realm

"I take it you two finally had the talk?" Dov asked, riding alongside Rhydian a couple days later.

"I don't know what you're referring to."

"Oh, I think you do."

"And just how would you know we had the talk as you so delicately put it?" Rhydian teased his friend.

"Because you two aren't making googly eyes at each other anymore. You look... happy."

"Googly eyes! I have you know, I am the dark fae crown prince. I do not make googly eyes!" Rhydian huffed.

"Tell yourself whatever you like. I'm the one who had to watch you and I definitely say there were some crazy eyes going on."

"Well... you and Nomi aren't exactly as sane about your relationship either. She rides on your shoulder, for Thragorn's sake. Do you have any idea how that makes you look? Like a giant!"

"Don't be absurd, Rhydian. We both know there's no such thing as giants," Dov drawled before giving the prince a cheeky smile and spurring his horse on. Rhydian rode along, mouth gaping open for the next several minutes. Had he just been told off by the bear of a knight riding in front of him? Who knew Dov was as witty as he was? He still insisted he had not been eyeing Sylara funny before they'd admitted their feelings. At least that is what he told himself as he huffed and clicked at the horse beneath him. Breaking out into a trot he caught up to where Sylara rode with Megahn up ahead.

They stopped for luncheon a few hours later having pushed the horses and themselves since leaving Port Kona. They needed a break before continuing for the rest of the day. They would be crossing into elven territory later tomorrow or the next day, leaving Drekona behind and entering Miiradon. From there they needed to firm up their plans. He wasn't particularly looking forward to returning to Radoran and seeing the elf king again. They hadn't exactly parted on the best of terms. He wasn't sure how the man would take news of his and Sylara's relationship.

In his youth, it would have given him tremendous pleasure to rub it in his rival's face. Well, if he were being honest with himself, it would still have even a couple months ago, before this journey. The way he felt for Sylara was new, pure, honorable. He'd never felt anything like it before. In the span of a couple months, he had grown up more than the one hundred and thirty-eight years prior. And it was all due to the golden-haired beauty standing across camp. She'd rattled him, challenged him, angered him and wore him down until he wanted none other than her to share the rest of his days with.

Was it too soon to think that way? His father would say so. More than likely Dhovar would say the same when told. But he wasn't a wet behind the ears youth. He knew what he wanted... no, needed, in his life and he'd found it. He was prepared to do whatever it took to keep it that way, to make her happy. And if that was accepting her friendship with the broody elf king then so be it. He could make peace with the man. He'd not do anything to hurt her. But her plan was beginning to sound better if it meant not having to face the temptation of punching a certain king in the face if he said a cross word to them.

Rhydian ran one hand down his face in frustration at his thoughts. He hated not having a firm plan in place nor knowing where those bounty hunters were at the moment. Had they stayed on the isles as originally planned, they would have lured them out and retook the map putting an end to it there. But something told him it wouldn't be the end of them. The sooner they retrieved the final piece of the Heart the better off they'd be. They could store it safely away in Lux-Mindon and be done with it.

His thoughts wandered to Arabella wondering how she was doing now. It was drawing closer to time for the baby to be born. While he'd never given much thought to family or children before now, he was quite anticipating becoming sacred protector. It was a very high honor and would help cement peace between their realms even further. But more than that, he would be helping mentor a new life. Adrianna's grandchild. It was a legacy he could not wait to take on. As his thoughts roamed so did his feet. Rhydian found himself pacing the edge of camp while Dov and Nomi's chatter filled the center as they prepared the midday meal.

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