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"Rylan Fang, do you accept the responsibility of leading the Pride to a Victorious and Prosperous future?" My father asked Rylan who was standing tall and proud.

"I do" he answered confidently, making my tiger and I puff out our chests in pride at the sight.

"I am proud to present to you, the new Leader of the Sun Pride" my dad announced in happiness, stepping down and handing over the power to my brother, my mate, and I.

The crowd erupted in cheers and I even saw Alpha Daniel and his mates cheering as well, they had been invited per Rylan's request. But to be honest, I am glad that Rylan has some friends who are werewolves, considering he would need some advice from time to time that we might not be able to help him with.

Soon I found myself leaning against the wall with Leo at my side, watching Rylan play with some of the kids as well as talking with Ethan and Evan. I could help but hope that we could adopt some kids as they did soon, it would be nice to have a few children running around.

Time seemed to fly by as the sun began to set, but the party only seemed to get louder as the children were put to bed, leaving us adults. The music suddenly became sexier and was geared more towards the adults, prompting many of them to began dancing.

"Our mates seem to want to get in trouble" Alpha Daniel notified as he motioned towards our mates. What I saw had my mouth going dry, my mates were grinding up of the other two wolves he was squished between. He was grinding and bumping along to the song, and had the audacity to wink at me when he caught my gaze. My cock instantly filled out and my tiger surged forward within me, and judging by his reaction, I'd say that the same thing was happening to Leo.

We strode forward until we were standing over our mate who pretended to be innocent as we tugged him from Daniel's spouses.

"Do you have any idea how horny you've made me with that sexy little body if yours?" I asked in a sultry voice near Rylan's ear, causing him to shiver. I grinned at his small 'no' as a response and nibbled on his ear, eliciting a gasp from him.

"I think we need to punish our little mate, don't you think, Leo?" I asked as I look at my equally aroused brother who never took his eyes off of Rylan.

"Yea, he's been quite naughty. He needs a good tongue lashing if you know what I mean" He played along, only for Rylan to give us a mischievous smirk and take off into the nearby wood. Prompting us to follow, which we happily obliged, laughing as we took off after him.

One thing was for sure, our tiny mate would be getting what he deserves real soon.

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