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Pen Your Pride

Chapter two

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 My name is Ben, and i'm my pack's Enforcer. I go out and kill rogue wolves turned bad. My pack's name is The Mystic hunter's. My father is the Alpha, my mother was the second-in-command. Until they found out they were mates, and she became the Luna. 

 I have my mother's black hair, and my father's green eyes. I'm six feet tall, and I have a natural tan. I used to be a carefree boy, until the last enforcer died, and I had to take over. I have been killing wolves for years now, and have a great many enemies. 

 I was going to see about a rogue in the southern territories. A pack called, The silent stalkers. I ran with the speed of a jet plane, and the grace of a gazelle. I made it to a little lake surrounded my willow trees and wild flowers. I lapped up some water, and then laid back and relaxed.  

 After awhile I decided to walk around, get a feel for the place, I came across a wild pack of wolves, and they just watched me. I left shortly after that, and made a wide perimeter around the pack's borders. I landed back where I started, right by the lake. Only this time two wolves were leaving, and a small female wolf lay on the ground bleeding. i growl, something about this little wolf, made me protective toward her. 

 Softly padding toward her body, I notice the scar's of previous wounds, and the bleeding at her neck. My wolf whimpered, but I stayed strong. I sniffed her, and her smell was so heavenly, I almost sighed. She opens her eyes, and I was hit with a longing. I could see my future pass by with her in it. I could see her wearing my mark, her carrying my pups, us growing old together, and then it faded, for I could never have a mate, who would love a killer like me. 

 I pick her up and she speaks, in a soft voice. "Your my Mate." She laid so still, that I thought she had died, and my heart cracked. But I felt her faint heart beating, and I ran. I ran for my home, and I didn't look back, because nothing in the world mattered most to me than my Mate. 

 I get home, a little shack on the edge of my father's territory. She felt so cold. I brush my nose across her cheeks, and licked the blood of her neck. She was so very beautiful, I called my momma. "Momma, I need your help! quickly Momma!" 

She dropped her phone, and ran. She got there in ten seconds flat. She shifted back human, and surveyed her little boy. "Are you hurt!? Are you Okay?! Did you break something?" My Momma always the worry wort. 

"No Momma, but something terrible happened to her." I had shifted back human, when I called her, and now she looks at my Beloved. 

"Oh dear!" She started looking her over, but drew back.

"Honey do you think you could find a way to get her to shift back human? I can't look at her wolf body, i am a human doctor, not a vet." I drop to my knees and brush my hands threw her fur. Her soft, silky, brown and black fur. 

"I'll try momma" I look her over and then put my head on hers. 

"My sweet little wolf, would you please shift human? Please for me, my little wolf?" I kiss the top of her nose, and then I saw a glimmer. She was shifting back, I gave her some of my strength, and in seconds she was human. 

 My mother gasps, and I look down. She was only wearing, what looked like a sheet. She had slightly matted hair, and dirt all over her body. I could see bruises, and scars. "Honey, let's lay her in the tub, and wash all this dirt, and grime."

 I pick her up, and took her to my bathroom. The walls are painted blue, and the tub is pretty big, along with the shower. You could fit a giant werewolf in each. I carefully strip her cloth dress off her. I take off my shirt, and climbed in with her. I held her up, as my mom cleaned her. I closed my eyes, to give her privacy, even if she'll never no I did.

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