Chapter 28

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Sky's Pov

Seto and me have been looking through the rocks for anyone that didn't make it out. We didn't find anyone thankfully. We found an iron sword for Seto to use if his mana ran out and a bit of TNT. It might come in handy.

I jumped as I heard an explosion. I was over where Jerome and SB were at. "Let's go investigate." I said.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Seto said. 

We ran over to see the battle. Ty was knocked out against the remains of a building while Jerome and SB were trying to fight off Entity. Jerome was working on short range while SB was at long range.  "Get Ty and take him to safety." I ordered to Seto.

He nodded and rushed toward Ty. I rushed beside Jerome and helped him push Entity back. He couldn't take on two of us at the same time. Out of nowhere a stray arrow hit Entity in the side. I glanced over to see Mitch and Ssundee on nightmares. Where did they get those?

I snapped my attention back to Entity as tried to strike me. I blocked it and swung down. His sword flew out of his hands and landed on the ground a bit away.  Jerome went for it but Entity flew into the air. Herobrine and Crystal were up there, swords ready. SB and Mitch aimed but before any of them could hit him he disappeared. 

"That's cheap!" Mitch yelled. "Get back out here and fight us coward!"

I could sense him. He wasn't gone. "He's still here!" I yelled.

"Very good Adam." A misplaced voice said. "I'm not the kind of person to just leave in the middle of the battle."

A large cut on my arm appeared. I slightly winced in pain but I had to ignore it for now. "Sky 6:00!" Mitch yelled.

I turned around and swung my sword. I couldn't see what it was but I cut something. 

"He's to your left Jerome!" Mitch yelled.

Jerome swung to his left. I heard something splatter on the ground. Blood possibly. "How do you know where he is?" Jerome asked.

"Because I'm a demon." Mitch said. "I can track the arrow and the best part..." I heard someone wince in pain. "He can't get it out!"

"This may sound weird but I think I can smell him." Jerome said.

"You're a bacca, it's weird." I said. "Now use it to your advantage."

Jerome started slowly looking around him. "You honestly expect me to do-"

"Shut up and pick a direction!" SB yelled.

Jerome swung in a random direction. I heard him hit something. "What did I hit?" he asked.

"You honestly don't think I'd just put myself in the open like that, do you?" The disembodied voice said. Zombies started to appear. Hordes and hordes of them all coming our way. There was Entity standing on top of a crumbling building. The only wound I could see was an arrow in his arm and a small gash in his side. 

Seto's Pov

I took Ty as far as I could carry him. He was heavier than he looked. Then again when you have wings it's like having anvils on your back, especially if they're dragon wings. 

I sat down and leaned against part of a broken building. I wanted to go back but I couldn't just leave Ty here. I jumped as I heard something move. I formed a fireball in my hand and stood up. If anything planned on hurting us I was ready to burn them to a crisp.

"Woah! It's just us!" Huskey and Jason stepped out from behind some rubble. 

I sighed and the fireball disappeared. "Glad to see you guys are okay." I said.

"What was that explosion?" Jason asked while walking over.

"Ty and some TNT." I answered.

"You two get back with the others. I can watch Ty." Huskey said.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yeah." He said.

Me and Jason ran toward the battle. We froze and looked at eachother as we heard zombie growls. We quietly walked up to see a figure on top of a crumbled building. That was Entity.

We had a chance. "I'm going to use a dark spell." I whispered to Jason. "If I go down and Entity doesn't then don't worry about me. If I go down  and the spell is still intact then slash at it with everything you have." Jason nodded in agreement. 

I never thought I'd ever use a dark spell before this but now I had to use it. I sighed and felt my mana run through my body. This spell I was using if simple but takes a lot of mana to do it. Basically creates a bubble around your enemy and then they get drained of most energy. It won't kill him but it will stop him.

Entity was suddenly encased in a black bubble. I couldn't see it working but I knew it was. Everything started to become hazy and then darkness took over.

Jason's Pov

Seto soon went down after his spell started. His spell remained intact. I took my scythe out. I ran up the rocks and slashed at the bubble as hard as I could. It was extremely easy to cut through.

I landed in front of the building. There were zombies everywhere but they weren't attacking. They were all walking separate ways. I guess without Entity to control them they didn't need to be here.

"What is that?" Jerome asked pointing toward the bubble. It had a white line through it. I guess that was where I slashed.

"That's Seto's spell." I explained.

"Where is he?" Mitch asked.

"He went down soon after the spell started. He told me not to worry about him." I said. "All he wanted me to slash at it afterwards if it was still intact."

"That's a dark spell." Sky said. "Jason go get Seto and get him out of here. We'll watch this-"

Everyone went silent as we heard a cracking sound. The bubble started to crack. It fell apart reveling Entity lying on the ground unconscious. We did it! Herobrine and Crystal flew down to us. "I'll take Entity to Notch. Notch can decide what to do with him." Herobrine said flying over to Entity. "You should all come along. I'm sure he'll let you stay the night."

"Crystal, go fly around and find Huskey and Ty. Tell them to meet up at the forest edge. Jerome, go and get Seto." Sky said. Crystal nodded and lifted off into the air. Jerome ran behind the crumbling building searching for Seto. It was all over now.

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