blurb 2

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sleepy cody taking a nap after a long day of online schooling, with stella would be the highlight of your day because lets be honest, cuddly cody, cute baby stella, what could be better? so you'd walk through the door and see them cuddling and sleeping together and cody's mom would come in and smile and just thank you for everything and go on and on about how beautiful you are and how cody is in love with you and cody would wake up and be hearing all this and try not to blush because today he wanted to tell you he loved you but fell asleep and he got nervous and you'd blush and say that you've fallen for him and she'd smile and hug you and tear up and say "thank you for saving my boy and showing him life is worth living" anD then he'd open his eyes immediately after the door was closed, startling you, and then he'd grin and blush and apologize for his mom and his sleep ruining the special day but say "i love you, baby" and stella would wake up to hear you stumbling through the room towards cody to hug him and you'd be so happy and blushy and idk i think this would also be how you'd find out cody loves you

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