A/n: Meet the Author/Face reveal

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Hi, I'm Sarah.

I wanted to make a little meet the author a/n

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I wanted to make a little meet the author a/n.
I'm 15 y/o.
My favorite Hamilton song is either Burn or Dear Theodosia.
I live in the chilly north east of America.
(I haven't had school in about a week because of snow and I'm going I N S A N E)
My humor is dark(seriously leave a racist/sexist/dark joke in the comments and I'll lmao I stg)
I'm an A average student except in math
My history teacher likes Hamilton because of me
My English teacher hates me because I like Hamilton
All the Trump supporters at school hate my group of friends because 2/3rds of us like Hamilton (no offense if you're a Trump supporter)
I'm into politics heck
That's all I could think of, thanks for reading.

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