blurb 1

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mornings with cody would mostly consist of him waking up before you, out of habit and gawking at your beauty. his hands would caress your back and cheeks - that seemed to magically soften and bloat when you slept. the puffy cheek would be squished against his bare chest as you continued your walk with slumber, he'd just smile, the whole time, not wanting to move an inch in order to be able to look at you with peace and serene encoded in your features. he would enjoy the moments of morning the most because he could stare at your gorgeous features without interruption or the denial of you. every ounce of him would be more than happy to wake up just to see you laying with him. once you'd wake up,
much to your dismay, he'd just smile and chuckle at your sleepy eyes, barely able to open. this would create a whine from you and you'd bury your face in his chest just for him to tug you closer, but gently force you to look at him. from there his raspy voice would flood your ears, explaining every beautiful piece of you until your whole body would flush and he would grin. then you'd get ready for whatever the day consisted of.

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