Chapter 2

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Akira hastily tried catching up with her father’s long-legged strides. She stared at her father’s nonchalant face as she tried reasoning with him about not needing a bodyguard. She was trying to make her father understand that she was perfectly capable of protecting herself.

       “Dad! Please . . .”

       “Akira,” her father said, stopping at his tracks as he raised his hand at her. He gave her a disapproving look and began speaking. “Where we are going is somewhere far from the city. You cannot use your black-belt against wild animals. Bradley is an accomplished hunter and he’ll be able to protect you no matter what.”

       “But dad . . .” Akira whined.

       “No, Akira. If you want to come with us, you will do as I say.

       She never realized they were already standing in front of a pick-up truck until her father pulled open the door and stepped inside the vehicle. Akira threw her hands in the air due to frustration as she watched her father point a finger at her. Minutes later, there was a loud rumble and the vehicle’s engine started.

       “As you can see,” a voice rang behind her. She spun around to see Bradley spinning the car keys on his finger. “We need to go.” He finished.

       Akira swiftly snatched the keys from him and ran towards the car which was parked behind the vehicle where her father was currently sitting on.

       “Sneaky,” Bradley remarked as he watched Akira enter his truck and start the engine.

       Akira hastily stepped on the gas and followed the moving car in front of her. She smirked as she pulled into the driveway, laughing mentally from being able to escape the horrendous idea of having a bodyguard by her side twenty-four-seven. How can she enjoy this hunting idea when she has a bodyguard following her all around like a lost puppy?

       “Having fun?” a familiar voice startlingly remarked beside her.

       Akira’s head snapped towards the source of the voice and she gaped at the sight. Bradley was there, looking at her with a smug expression. Akira felt her jaw drop as she stared disbelievingly at Bradley. Her mind jumbled as she tried forming a possible explanation how he managed to do what he just previously did.

       “I don’t appreciate the fact that you tried taking off with my car.” he yawned. “But look on the bright side . . .  I won’t be the one driving towards our destination the whole day.”

       “H-how did you get there? I-I just left . . .” she looked back at the fading view of her house, checking whether she was having a mirage or not.

       “Don’t bother trying to escape me, love. Your father assigned me to this . . . babysitting. I can’t possibly let him down.”

       Akira felt her face go red. “I am not a baby!” she yelled, curling her hands into fists she pounded the steering wheel. This action caused the car to swerve momentarily, the tires squealing.

      “Whoa, careful there, baby. Wouldn’t want to crash into something, would we?” he chuckled.

       “That is it!” she said. “I do not accept the idea of having a bodyguard who’s more of a nanny!” she yelled.

       Bradley frowned. “Do you think you’re the only one who’s not with the idea?” he asked. “I’m sorry. But if it weren’t for your father’s desperate plea for your protection, I wouldn’t have agreed.” he sighed while Akira continued glaring at him. “It turned out that his lovely daughter was a magnet of trouble. Apparently, he couldn’t take risking your safety when you are clearly always damsel in distress. You might want to spare some glance on the road if you don’t want to crash to your father’s car.”

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