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As they attacked each other with kisses, Keith lifts her up by her waist and puts her on his lap. Y/n puts her hands around his neck and continues on kissing him. They were now making at this point. Keith then break away from the kiss and looks back into her eyes.

"Look I don't want it to look like I wanna hit and quit it. I really do like you, but we don't have to do this." He says while holding her waist. She nods her head and smiles at him.


"Lemme guess you like cookies and allat junk food shit?" Keith says looking at Y/N, who was trying to reach for some cookies she saw in Keith's kitchen. "I love cookies!" She yells while jumping to get them.

"Keith why are you not helping me? You see me struggling to get them down," she pouts. Keith laughs and bends down, kisses her bottom lip. "It was cute watching yo lil short cute ass struggle," He says while grabbing the chocolate chip cookies from the top shelf. She squealed and jumped up and down. Keith just laughed.

"You are too cute," He says while grabbing her waist from behind. He nuzzled his head on her shoulder and watches her open the cookies. She then starts devouring the cookies. "Baby baby slow down damn!" Keith yells laughing. One of Y/N's favorite thing to eat was cookies. She didn't care who she was around because she was still gone tear the cookies up.

Y/N was now on her 8th cookie. When she got done, she tried to grab another one but Keith grabs the box of cookies. "Nah uh, that's enough baby," he says putting the cookies in the refrigerator. She then pouts and looks up at him. "Don't try and gimme that lil pout. Take ya sexy ass up stairs to my room," he says while kissing her cheek. Keith then watches as She runs up the stairs. He smiles "this lil girl," he says whole cleaning up her cookie crumbs.

Y/N looked at pictures and trophies while she waited for Keith to come up the stairs to his room. She thought Keith was a very great basketball player and he had trophies to prove he was one. She also thought he was so adorable as a baby.

"See you found my baby pictures," He says looking at the picture then back at her. "You were so adorable," she says while looking at the baby picture. "So I'm not adorable now?" Keith says while looking at her with his arms crossed. She looks up at him and giggles. She then wraps her arms around his waist. "Yes you are Baby, you're adorable and sexy," she says while kissing his jawline repeatedly.

Keith smiles and picks her up. Y/N wraps her legs around him and kisses both of his cheeks. "I've never felt this way about a girl before. I actually think that I'm in love," Keith says while smiling, moving some of her hair back. Y/N then blushes and looks away from him, hiding her face. "Don't hide that beautiful face," He says while turning her face back to him, putting her hand back on his neck.

"I've never expected us to end up like this," she says while smiling a little. "But I love the fact that I'm with the boy I've been crushing on." She says while kissing his lips. He kisses her back and lays her on the bed. She pulls away and stares into his eyes. "I want you, Keith." She says to him. He looks somewhere else for a moment then looks back at her. "You sure? Because I don't wanna do it if you're unsure,"

"Yes Keith, I want you to take my virginity," she says still staring into his eyes. "But I don't want you to leave me when you when you get it," she says while putting both of her hands on his face. He nods and kisses her cheek "I won't baby," he says while kissing her again. she pulls away quickly "Promise Me Keith. Promise me that you won't leave. That you'd stay with me after this." She holds her pinky out. He holds both hands up and pinky promises with his left hand. "I promise," He says while attacking her lips.


"I don't want to just fuck you okay. I wanna make love to you," Keith says while sticking it in slowly. She gasps and closes her eyes tightly shut. "I wanna show you how I really feel about you baby. I don't wanna hurt you," he says while slowly pushing in and out of her.

"Keith it hurts!" She yells out crying. "I know baby, it's gonna get better." He says, kissing her tears away. He stares into her eyes and tries to relax her. "Baby look at me," He says staring at her. She then opens her eyes and looks at him.

Minutes later, Y/N felt better. It was more pleasure and less pain. "Faster," she moans a little. Keith smiles and shakes his head. "Nah baby." He says while going deeper. She wraps her legs tighter around his waist and her eyes roll back. "Ooh Keith baby!" She yells, but not to loud. He goes a little faster but not so fast. She tries to find something to hold onto but she found nothing. She arches her back.

"It feel good baby?" He says breathing alittle hard. He watches her nod and rolls her eyes back. He loved the faces that she was making. He kisses and sucked on her left breast and he did the same to the other. Y/N puts her hand on his head, loving every single moment of it.

"U-Yes yes yes yes! Daddy don't stop!" She yells while scratches his back. He now has a bunch of long scratches on his back. He didn't care because it was from the girl he loved. Keith comes back up and kisses her lips.he then starts stroking in his slow, but deeply again. She pulls away and tries to speak but nothing came out.

"I know baby, go ahead." He says while taking long deep strokes. She then puts his head on Keith shoulder arching her back again. "D-Daddy!" She yells out while she has her orgasm. Keith then cums after her. He takes his condom off and throws it on the garbage. He lays back on her and pulls the covers on the both of them. They both lay there, trying to catch their breath.

"I remember when my bestfriend and I went to every single one of your games. Even the away games," she says while drawing circles on his muscle. "I used to always yell and scream when you made shots. Used to get mad when someone made you mad." She laughs and Keith laughs too. "I used to always stalk your Instagram and twitter page. Even made you my homescreen. I seemed so obsessed with you because I was, but I've never ever. Thought that we would ever end up like this," she says while looking down at Keith who was already staring up at her.

"I never thought that I would find the girl of my dreams baby. I used to be searching and searching for a girl like you, but I could never find a girl that was gone ride for me and other stuff I wanted in a girl. The girls I usually find were the girls that wanted me because I was the boy who out shined every basketball player on my team and because I had popularity. I don't like those type of girls at all." He says while pecking her neck.

"But then I came across you in history class. My first impression of you was damn, she is gorgeous. The reason why I've never noticed you is because my stupid self never even looked or talked to you. Luke used to talk about you like he was yo boyfriend." He says laughing. Y/N was laughing at what he said too.

" Yeah, Luke used to always try to talk to me or follow me around school till I gave him a hey. I never liked him because he's a player and just seemed like the biggest hoe to me." Y/N says rolling her eyes. Keith laughs again while lifting his self up, moving his chain around. "But I'm glad you finally notice me," she says smiling up at him then looking down at his abs again. She then runs her hand down his abs and looks up at him.

"Don't start," Keith says while looking at her. She smiles and pecking his lips. She goes lower and stares up at him. "Oh no, I got you hooked now," he says closing his eyes.


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